Hate Is Self-Destructive


Virginia (Storch Report) – Across the Potomac on a Hill in Arlington Cemetery there’s the Robert E. Lee home . . . are we going to burn it down? We study history to learn from it, not erase it.

Peaceful protests in the US are a right. Hateful violent protests are unlawful.

Although, the first amendment of the constitution allows journalists to report the news accurately with truth being paramount over opinion, you would think it was the other way around witnessing the news of the day.

Hate overwhelms protests today, often leaving the end result death and not exactly knowing what the protesters are hating.  Even those inaccurately reporting the so-called protests appear to have hate in their writings, rather than truth.

One might have thought President Trump was driving the car, rather than a neo Nazi or white supremacist, during the riots in Charlottesville Va., that killed a woman, based upon the news reports over his response to the violence he condemned. The media has spent more time analyzing Trump’s response than on the core cause of the protests.

It wasn’t enough for Trump to initially say he condemned all sides of the violent protest that resulted in deaths, days later, to be politically correct, he had to specifically cite the KKK, Neo Nazi’s and white supremacists.

But you will note he did not make mention of, Black lives matter, Robert E. Lee or Thomas Jefferson under which was the guise for the original protest. What was it that we were really hating that resulted in violence and deaths?

It appears to be just Trump Hate which is pervasive among those that didn’t put him in office.

He is fighting a political battle of the left wing media, left wing progressive Democrats and the elitists of his own Republican Party.

Trumps bar for success is higher than high, after all how high can high be?

The media coverage is not rational, it borders on the insane.  No matter what Trump says it will never make a difference because the bar keeps moving.

If he found the cure for cancer, they would accuse him of causing it.

Hate is a self destructive villain with a multitude of motives and sources that may very well take a nation in the direction of revolution.    

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