GOP Still Working Toward A Petty Party


Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Charleston, West Virginia, U.S. May 5, 2016. To match Exclusive USA-ELECTION/ANTI-VOTE REUTERS/Chris Tilley

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Petty is what the Republican Party has become and is now behaving like a bunch of spoiled brats because they didn’t get their way, imploding because the establishment of who they were is no longer, as a result they want to take their ball home and prevent the game from being played unless Donald Trump, now the presumptive nominee for president, plays by their now disclosed un-democratic rules.

Trump shook the world order among both leading parties running as a Republican.  The establishment didn’t like it, in fact, they spent billions to circumvent it.

Republicans apparently were dismayed with the Party’s behavior under the Obama administration, actions or lack thereof, even though they had control of the House.

So they told the GOP at the Polls and the Party didn’t listen and are still fighting the ‘outsider’ trying to uphold the good old boys club of the ‘insiders.’

Why are they ignoring the people’s wishes, because they are fearful of losing their own power base?

It proves that the political system in America is incestuous, feeding on itself in order to maintain the status quo.

Interesting, the real power brokers are those with the money in America and they are those that have been pulling the strings of the puppets they control in Congress and the White House, but one of their wealthy own, a rebel came along with his own money and challenged the system.  The ‘outsider,’ the underdog, the man with an unconventional mouth, a billionaire willing to put his money where his ‘New Yorker’ mouth is, a Wharton graduate and the ‘insiders’ don’t like it, but the people appear to think it’s time for a change from the ‘insider’ to the ‘outsider’.

After all isn’t it about we the people?

Well, next week there is a Summit of sorts in DC with Trump and Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and the GOP Party.  It looks like it is a meeting of unification.

Ryan is less than enthusiastic about Trump being an ‘outsider,’ especially being an ‘insider,’  and perhaps for other reasons, fails to endorse or support him and it is he that is running the GOP Convention and was preparing to deal with what he thought would be a contested one.

If that is not enough, where is the rest of the ‘establishment,’ the Bush clan, two of which are part of Yale’s ‘Skull & Bones’ club, apparently are not going to vote according to recent comments from them, nor go to the Republican Convention.  If they do vote, perhaps it will be for their love of Bill Clinton, the philandering husband of the presumptive presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Joining the Bushes, besides Ryan, of the insiders, are Boehner, Romney, and Graham with a lack of support for Trump and refusing to attend the GOP convention.

Is it any wonder why American Republicans are moving away from the’insiders’ to the ‘outsiders?’

Americans by their very nature have a penchant for rooting for the underdog, especially when they themselves have been victims of wrongs by the government, and unless the big time fix is in, look for the ‘outsider’ upsetting the ‘insider,’ despite all the polls and pundits like Karl Rove and his white board predictions.












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