GOP Only Needs $500,000 To Get Some Face Time With Obama

Obama Winking

It’s all about the money.  Hollywood knows how to deliver, the GOP doesn’t.

All John Boehner, Speaker of the House has to do is pony up $500,000 to Obama’s Organization For Action (OFA), formerly known as Organizing For America, which was the name for Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012 and his election campaign in 2008.

The Chicago-based office never shut down even though Obama became a lame duck president winning his second term, it just modified its name, maintaining it’s acronym and changing Organizing to Organization and America to Action.

And instead of it functioning as a campaign office to re-elect a president it is now a public relations tax exempt community organization campaigning for Obama’s radical social welfare policies on a grass roots level.

Now the GOP could get in the game if it would just learn to cooperate, compromise and kick in $500,000 a year and it would be guaranteed at least four face time meetings a year with Obama and the nation wouldn’t be constantly pestered with gridlock, sequestration and budgets.

After all what is a mere $500,000 from the GOP coffers, when dealing with a $17 trillion deficit?  This way everybody could once again belong to the beltway club and enjoy the cronyism of yesterday.

Between the acronyms of OFA and MSNBC, where David Axelrod and Robrert Gibbs now reside, making the network a bona fide propaganda arm of the State, allows Obama to cement into history his legacy of radical left wing social welfare policies.

C’mon John get in the game . . . ya gotta pay to play!

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