GOP Offers A Choice, Dems Call For A Coronation


Caractures of GOP candidates

Washington DC (Storch Report) — The 2016 presidential election is only 11 months away and to summarize the landscape, the Democrats offer citizens of the United States a coronation of a Queen while Republicans provide Americans with a choice of 13 nominees for president, more representative of a democracy.

And, anyone of the present 13 GOP candidates would, in my opinion, make a better President than Obama or his former Secretary of State, the Queen designee, Hillary Clinton, a borderline criminal yet to be indicted for breaking the law by using a private email and server to transmit top secret government information.

Transparency is a word Democrats use so cavalierly it is appalling and done with such arrogant mendacity it is a wonder that an intelligent electorate voted them into office.  This is a word, transparency, the Obama administration promised when running for office and failed to deliver when elected, from Obamacare to Benghazi.

While the Republicans will hold 9 primary debates in primetime, the Democrats will hold 6, on Saturday nights, hardly primetime as audience and ratings have demonstrated, with a strategy to protect the Queen from her consistent foibles. 

The Dems are all but ready to get out the gold leaf trimmed royal carriage, saddle up the horses for a trip down Pennsylvania Ave for the coronation.

The progressive liberal ideology has advanced so far under the Obama administration that today Ivy league students were distributing a petition on campuses to repeal the 1st Amendment of the Constitution.

Obama has spent more time propagandizing his political ideology that he has failed to serve the nation in his primary responsibility as Commander In Chief and protecting citizens of the United States from its enemies. 

He has held numerous press conferences since the ISIS attacked Paris with a massacre, which he called a ‘setback,’ and then San Bernardino Ca., none with a new strategy, nor conviction to address an enemy that he refuses to identify, least of all attack with effect in their own land.

Meanwhile, during Obama’s two terms in office, he has allowed some 66 million criminal aliens into the US, most recently 100,000 Syrians traded 5 terrorists from Gitmo for a traitor with no knowledge of how many are ISIS terrorists.  But you can bet the Democrats will find a way to get their votes for Hillary.

It is no wonder that Donald Trump is resonating with the public, with a simplicity of message, not revealing to the enemy how he will execute his promises — as Obama does on a regular basis.

You can be assured Queen Hillary will take advantage of all the illegal alien votes that Obama set up in the past eight years, delivering her progressive liberal ideology that is further to the left than Obama’s, which would signal the downfall of America and the Republican Party.



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