Golden Globes A Sea Of Black


Hollywood (Storch Report) – It was a performance of up’s and mostly downs at the Golden Globes last night, not bad, considering that it was originally cast as a funeral protesting the sexual harassment of men over women.

Yes, the women showed up in black, the men wore their usual attire, black.

That’s Hollywood, predictable.

They were all making a statement in those black gowns as those wearing them had no participation in the act of the times they were protesting.

How it all came about and became pervasive in the work place, and perhaps began on the casting couch of Hollywood, it took two to make it happen for whatever the reasons.

To set the stage, Seth Meyers, the moderator of the funeral, opened with, “Good evening ladies and gentleman and those that may be remaining . . . “

I guess he thought the line was funny.

The performance of portraying a funeral came close to a reality when someone in management of the Golden Globes showed the poor judgement of selecting to roll out 101 year-old Kirk Douglas, a Hollywood legend of film, in a wheel chair and a grotesque appearance with Catherine Zeta Jones, that made me cringe and cry out, ‘Oh no, what poor taste.’

Hollywood has never done well in portraying the image of America, least of all one of their own legends.

And, so now a tide rolls out from the California coast over sexual harassment, once again forming a wave that the clan gathers behind, not really knowing the reasons why – because they are flakes – and it seems to be the cultural thing to do, and a tsunami forms and than fades into the sands of time.

And, the people, not even realizing what took place, returns to what comes naturally.




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