Global Warming

Davos, Switzerland (Storch Report) – I don’t believe in it!

In Europe a dog is  frozen in place because of the temperature, in Alaska a 21st Century US Navy ship is frozen in place and can’t get to its home port in Florida until the thaw, and we now hear that science says an egg Mac Muffin with sausage is the number one food contributor to global warming.

Meanwhile, in Davos Switzerland a major economic yearly conference is taking place, where jets from all over the world have flown in leaving a carbon footprint the likes of which could melt the Alps, but a blizzard is predicted for tomorrow, and it is questionable whether anyone who wants to, will get out, and if that is the case, they could always stay for breakfast and have an egg Mac Muffin with sausage dreaming for further hopes of a thaw.

The hypocritical message of global warming is only surpassed by the hypocritical messages of global politicians – or, then again, is it all one and the same?

A brief climate warming lapse in my thought process.


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