Texas (Storch Report) – Two sexes – male and female – have been merged into one by a very small lobby in America today and we are now called a gender.

I don’t exactly know how this all came about, perhaps I was hibernating. 

I always thought God had something to say about who we were.  Did I miss something in the story about Adam and Eve?

I read today that a boy in Texas, who is taking hormones to be a girl, was allowed to compete in a girl’s wrestling match and won the State championship, for the second time.

Does political correctness call this fair when a boy is transitioning to be something he is not and competes as a girl?  

I think this is going to lead to a place I don’t want to be a part of, and will make it very difficult to fill out simple forms, which are probably in a revision state as I write, while we make a gender transition into neutrality to a Political Correct world.

I must admit, when I have to go to the bathroom these days, I head for the handicap sign. 


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