Gator Craze At Myakka Pines Golf Club

Golfer riding the GatroEnglewood Fl (Storch Report) — There’s a gator craze going on down here at Myakka Pines Golf Club in sleepy Englewood Florida ever since photos of a  12-13 foot dinosaur- looking gator went viral on the internet and was picked up by media outlets around the world.

And the best part of it all, the members are having fun since all of this went viral last week. 

And as you can see here someone from Budapest photo shopped the original that went wild on the internet by having a golfer riding the yet to be named Myakka gator.

The original was shot by Myakka member Bill Susie which has had some 2 million views and another two photos shot by member Dick Huber received a million views.

The big guy in the above photo is for real — that is without the golfer riding him.  Following is the original shot of the gator walking across the seventh green on the White course of Myakka.

Big GatorSince the photo went viral on the internet last Tuesday the story has been picked up, according to the Club,  by Google, Yahoo, Wink, CNN, USA Today, Trip Advisor, the Today Show, Good Morning America and national and international TV channels.

People have been calling the pro-shop for tours and one member with a sense of humor posted this  on an office door, “Gator Tours 9 to 5 Daily only $9.95, See Mickie.” 

The club has conducted interviews all across America, and in Ireland, Holland, Belfast, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland and England.

“It’s crazy, said Frank Perrilli, the Club’s golf pro on NBC TV news yesterday, “people are calling from all parts of the country to come out and see the gator.  They think we have the gator locked up, it’s not that easy.”

Gator alongside of golf ballAnd now there’s a “name the alligator” promo on Facebook and so far several hundred names have been suggested. 

During a recent post, the top names suggested are Goliath, Viral and Myakka Mike.

As soon as a name is selected Tee Shirts will be made up by the Club and sold on line. 

The club is also urging members to take videos with their cell phones to see if they can get a video of the gators to go viral.

Myakka Pines is a gem of a three 9-hole golf course carved out of a mucky swamp area in 1970 and located off of River Road in Englewood Fl.  

It is now better known as a nature preserve for growing big gators, than for its golf.

We Grow em big down hereYou can tune into all the gator happenings by going to the Myakka Pines Facebook page here.







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