Florida’s Sequel To The Dangling Chad — Infrastructure Improvements During Tourist Season

Manasota Key SignManasota Key Fl (Storch Report) — Florida does its best to outdo its image of the dangling chad by conducting road construction and other infrastructure improvements during the tourist season.

In case you need a reminder, the dangling chad in Florida at polling places on the East coast of the state was a global embarrassment that delayed the results of the 2,000 election between George W. Bush and Al Gore which was resolved by the Supreme Court in the favor of Bush.

Today another embarrassing image is taking place during the height of the tourism season that Florida counts on for its financial well-being.

The legislators in this State, County and local governments do not have the common sense to schedule road construction and other infrastructure improvements in months other than the tourist season.

I reviewed Internet postings by the state, the counties and local governments and you wouldn’t want me to list the roads, the counties and communities that are currently being impacted in Florida with infrastructure improvements during the height of the season and at a time that the state is exceeding the all-time record in the onslaught of visitors due to bad weather in the West and East regions of the US.

The height of the tourist season in Florida consists of four months, January through April.  This leaves the state, counties and communities eight other months to schedule infrastructure improvements. But that is not what is happening and has consistently taken place, for some unexplained reason, each year but is now exacerbated this year by an extraordinary influx of tourists.

It does remind me of the dangling chad and the lack of common sense employed by the legislators from the State to local communities to allow these improvements to take place in the height of the tourist season.

I happen to live on a 12 mile spit of a barrier reef called Manasota Key on the West coast of Florida nestled between Lemon Bay and the Gulf Mexico.  It is located between Sarasota County on the North side and Charlotte County on the South side.

Legislators on the Charlotte County side selected to shut down a popular fishing pier jutting out into Lemon Bay during the height of the season for repair and Sarasota  County legislators selected to repave the North end of the key at the same time.  This is a very narrow single lane section of the roadway where in sections cars have difficulty passing each other.

Meanwhile 16 wheelers are bringing in asphalt and the necessary equipment needed to lay it and are blocking tourists from getting to the island beaches.

Traffic is backing up for miles in both directions to get onto the island.

It seems to me Florida is revisiting an image it has yet to live down, by once again not using common sense.



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