‘Fake News?’ NBC Thinks It’s Their “Job” To Control, “Exactly What People Think”


Washington DC (Storch Report) — The New York Times thinks it publishes with its motto, ‘All the News that’s fit to Print,’ and the Washington Post now thinks with its new motto, ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ and journalist Mika Brezeznski of MSNBC thinks, ‘Our Job’ is to control, ‘Exactly what people think.’

And, you really believe that the main stream media doesn’t print ‘fake news,’ or only the news they think you should see?

My Oh My, if that’s what the public thinks how gullible they must be — but I know that’s not true, or Donald J. Trump wouldn’t be President.

And Twitter, wouldn’t be able to beat the main stream media on a daily basis with the president’s posts.

Who ever would have thought Twitter would be a part of the beat of main stream media reporters if they want to cover the president?

The New York Times with it’s motto apparently prints only what it thinks,  is ‘fit to print,’ so it too is controlling what its readers can read and the Washington Post with it’s new motto of, ‘Democracy Dies in Darkness’ is only news when they shine a light on what they perceive it to be?

NBC with the likes of Mika Brzezinski on Morning Joe — that is in Scarborough — is worried that if the economy turns south, Americans may end up trusting Trump over the media.

And apparently Brzezinski believes it is her ‘job’ to control ‘exactly what people think.,’ not the public’s, or the president’s because they are not capable of identifying what is fake news.

Perhaps this is because the main stream media has been writing for its audience at the level of a 13th grader or less for quite some time.

Since Trump was elected President of the United States there have been 16 fake stories about him or his presidency, and we’re in the midst of an epidemic of fake news. Epidemic’s are usually conveyed by an agent and then it is spread by the source by susceptible hosts.

The Federalists describes it this way, “The ‘agent’ in this case is hysteria over Trump’s presidency, and the “susceptible hosts” are a slipshod, reckless, and breathtakingly gullible media class that spread the hysteria around like—well, like a virus.”

And so, it’s gotten so bad teachers from elementary school through college are conducting classes to curb the spread of fake and misleading news, rather than journalism correcting its own problem.

One needs to ask oneself is this because journalism now has a cause greater than Truth and may this be progressive liberalism, and if not, what is the cause that Trump’s Truth?  







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