Washington DC (Storch Report) – Life is not fair, our parents most likely told this to us at an early age, yet the United States is the fairest country in the world in which to live.

But fairness today is not what it was yesterday, for it seems to be less so today, because United has been removed from States.

The cultural difference in the past decade has been divisive, influenced by a liberal progressive, President  Obama.

The silent majority of this culture voted out this divisiveness when they put President Trump in office over liberal progressive Hillary Clinton who promised more of Obama’s divisiveness.

Enemies of America, such as ISIS, saw this divisiveness as a weakness, and that is what it is and continues to be.

Democrats, as sore losers, launched a resistance campaign, Hillary Clinton, who was a weak two time loser didn’t go away and is toxic while the party is impotent.

Freedom of speech is being threatened by the left and won’t let it be heard by creating violence.

Liberal colleges prevail, conservative ones are few.

The majority of Americans applaud the military, hypocritically, because the enlisted force represents less than 1 % of American families.  This is appalling and shameful.

America has little skin in the game – by law it is not their life on the line, so what does 99 % of Americans care about when Politicians vote to go to war – their families are not impacted.

The elitist politician in the United States runs the country and they are both Democrats and Republicans.  For the most part these representatives are voted into office by citizens expecting them to represent we the people, but they are doing little but protecting their own jobs and assesses.

It became clear when President Trump entered the Swamp.

Trump tells it like it is, says it the way he wants, bypasses the left wing media with Tweets and 110 million followers and has scored more significantly than previous presidents with campaign promises.

Stock markets soar, jobs soar, unemployment is at the lowest in 16 years, manufacturing is staying in the US, the military is being supported, diplomacy is better than it has been and the base that put him in office supports him with a 98% approval rating.

Life is fair with the right leadership, the left is resisting it.









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