Exclusive: Trump Negotiates The Art Of The Deal Checkmate’s Cruz, Names Clinton VP


Trump & Hillary

Washington DC (Storch Report) — Reliable sources inside the Trump campaign revealed that the Donald has exercised his prowess in the art of the deal and has checkmated his opponent Ted Cruz and will name Hillary Clinton his presumptive Vice President of the United States following Cruz’s official announcement today that Carly Florina will be his presumptive VP. 

The two moves do come off a bit presumptuous. 

But it did highlight the Donald’s ability to take his opponent out of the picture, pave a path to the White House, showcase his ability to unify and virtually guarantee his presidency against the socialist Saunders.

The two blockbuster revelations came after Trump trounced Cruz in the latest primaries in the East last night, taking 5 states over Cruz and then delivered a foreign policy speech today in DC with substance and common sense, although he did appear a bit stiff from his normal New York style of ‘he goes isms ‘ speaking through the confines of a teleprompter.

Aside from Cruz highlighting Trump’s ‘face comment’ of Carly during the campaign, calling it an ‘act of a bully,’ she revealed another undisclosed talent, her songwriting and singing abilities to Cruz’s young daughters on the campaign bus which endeared her to Ted along with the fact she was born in Texas.

Trump hasn’t disclosed when or where he will formally announce this latest development, but sources say it will be a grand event at Mar a Lago in Palm Beach.  

 Hillary, Bernie, and Ted were not available for comment and the media didn’t seem to care what Kasich had to say.

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  1. norman says:

    Since they’re both democrats a Hillary, Donald ticket might make sense.
    But Hillary has a short list of VP candidates herself that will prove to be brilliant.

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