Draining The Swamp That Isn’t


Washington DC (Storch Report) — A widely-held rumor says that Washington DC was built on a swamp.  It was an early example of fake news dating back to the 1800’s. 

Nevertheless, if the fake news purveyors are going to report on it, Trump is going to take advantage of it.  One of his campaign slogans was that he was going to ‘Drain the Swamp’ when he gets to DC.

You see the fake swamp news has been debunked but evolved over the years as a metaphor and the Donald worked it over to his advantage as he has effectively done with fake news and the media.

Even Pierre L’Enfant, the famous French planer of DC, never noted it as being a swamp. 

Bob Arnebeck who wrote an essay on “Was Washington Built on a Swamp?” said that Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore are far better described as being built on a Swamp than Washington DC.

However, Arnebeck went on to say, “In a sense, the city became a swamp, but the swamp was and is entirely man made.  Then and now, natural advantages abound.”

He must have been thinking of the Army Corps of Engineers.

So much has been exposed today as fake news, looking for the truth is like searching for a needle in a hay stack.

Unfortunately, Trump couldn’t get rid of all the reptiles in the metaphorical swamp in the brief time he has occupied the White House, but it appears that there are more snakes in the swamp than thought and must have been reported over the years by the same federal agency that releases the unemployment statistics.

Some snakes were planted by previous administrations others evolved over time through partisan politics and can be found in every nook and cranny feeding off any semblance of conservative thought.

When Trump launched the air strikes against Syria for human atrocities that Assad committed on his own people, he did so with some 60 Tomahawk missiles shot from two Navy destroyers.

He received bi-partisan support from within the swamp, but not even a Tweet from Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass)  about the political incorrectness of the missiles’ name.

And Warren didn’t hear one drum beat from her Native American Indian tribe, the Cherokees, from which she is an alleged descendant.

Trump has a lot of snakes to exterminate from the metaphorical swamp called DC, and I would suggest he not ask for the Army Corps of Engineers for assistance – they did enough to the Florida Everglades and are still in the process of trying to put it back to the way in which they found it.


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