Is A Secure And So Designated Website

Effective today is a secure designated website..


You can identify this on the web address which now reads with the symbol of a lock the word ‘secure’ and

The majority of mainstream news organizations still publish to HTTP domains and this makes it impossible to guarantee either their readers’ privacy or the authenticity and accuracy of what their readers are seeing or reading.

With all the recent discussion of ‘fake’ news, some prepared with intent on HTTP sites, it would be impossible for a website to protect against, or tell it apart from an outside attacker making a ‘fake’ article, as was done by the FBI to the Associated Press in 2007.

This would not have occurred had AP been using an HTTPS secure website.

It is more important today with cybersecurity threats, mass surveillance of websites and emails and the increase in ‘fake’ news that news sites move to the HTTPS and secure its website as has done.  Check it out.




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