Donnie One Note

Donnie One Note


Washington DC (Storch Report) — Donnie One Note is a take-off on Johnny One Note, that character that believed he could repeat his message often enough that it would be believed and people would accept the message.

Johnny was a pain in the ass, but he got his message across.

I am Donnie One Note, his disciple, and believe the same thing.

My one note is believing in the Constitution of the United States and upholding it and the principles that foster small government as opposed to big government, and limited taxation upon its citizens.

My follow-up message to these principles is believing in the Democracy upon which the Constitution was founded.

This involves the principles of fairness and capitalism, upon which an economy survives, and provides for its citizens well-being.

To ensure its survival it requires leadership that will foster these principles; however, the leadership’s primary responsibility under the Constitution is to protect the people.  And as it always has  been since day one, it requires a strong military to protect the principles for which a nation stands.  This is truer today than ever, that the United States has a military that is second to none in the world.

And, it should come as no surprise as we once again approach an election year, this nation is in dire need of leadership after having suffered through what will be eight years of the passive-progressive leading from behind policies of the Obama Administration.

Perhaps this is why we appear to have more candidates than ever in our history seeking to fill the void of the leadership, or lack thereof we have witnessed?

However, lest we forget our leadership is drawn, for the most part, from a host of politicians.  Politics is not the most revered or admired profession for honesty, trust or credibility as we have witnessed over decades. 

And so as this cadre of politicians comes sucking around for campaign funding and your votes, it is time for the people to hold them accountable to the Constitution, principles of democracy as well as their past failed policies, not just with words but with their actions of the past and their promises of the future, or the lack thereof.  They owe the people for their jobs, perks and benefits and not only at election time.  They are the people’s servants for their term in office.  There should be reform from the White House to the Congress to the Supreme Court when it comes to salaries, expenses, perks, benefits, terms and most of all leadership.  Why should they be able to vote themselves better every things than the common man, when it is we the people that put them into the jobs they hold and we get something less comparatively?

This juxtaposition should not be tolerated by the electorate anymore. The politician should for once hear the people and the people should learn to express their opinion as was recently executed in the gay rights movement.

Let us do away with the good old boys and girls club.  It is time for reformation by the people to right the wrongs Congress has voted for themselves rather than representing the people they took an oath to serve.

It is time for the people to exercise the right that legal citizenship affords . . . VOTE!

And on that note . . .










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4 Responses to Donnie One Note

  1. norman says:

    The only Johnny one-note I know of is Poor Johnny one-note who was capable of only singing one note and couldn’t hear any thing else. There is nothing about Johnny that connects him with any message that others should believe.
    The description you give of repeating a message often enough so that people will eventually believe it is widely attributed to Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Reich Minister of Propaganda.
    “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. Eventually it becomes the truth.”
    I don’t believe you intended any kind of discipleship to this individual.
    Welcome to the ranks of the vast majority of American citizens who are thankful for and respect our Constitution.

  2. Don Storch says:

    Although what you say about Goebbels has been widely attributed to him, historians say there were others long before him that espoused the thesis. Johnny one note works better for me than quoting someone from the Nazi regime.

  3. gml says:

    I could not agree with you more. The American people have certainly been left disappointed by our government over the past decades. Watching those we elected close the door on us and their promises as soon as they get their new desk. I believe the legislative branch is the most guilty by far. We are a nation that allows for choice via the VOTE so we should ALL use that instrument to facilitate a strong and credible nation that is fair and inclusive where the rules of law have respect. But that takes work. An ethic that is sadly missing. I feel like you do. I do not want the efforts of all those before us who sacrificed to build a better free nation to disappear. I do not want our nation to be a dumping ground.
    Today is a day to celebrate what those before us have done. Given us independence aka freedom. I hope we can all find hope in the beautiful fireworks in the night sky that we our family and nation are worth the work to preserve it.
    Happy 4th

  4. Don Storch says:

    Amen! Happy 4th to you.

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