Donald J. Trump The Presidential Phenom



Secaucus NJ (Storch Report) — Once there was a man named Henry B. Krajewski who ran a 4,000 animal pig farm in Secaucus New Jersey that one could smell in those days at Exit 15  of the NJ Turnpike. He was a candidate for President of the United States in 1952 and 1956.

No one took him seriously in his bid to govern the nation or even be a serious candidate for president.

Today Donald J. Trump has skyscrapers in Manhattan that tower over what was once the Krajewsky pig farm in Secaucus and Trump at the outset was as unlikely to succeed to be a candidate as Krajewski, but both did.

The difference, however, is that Trump is now the nominee of the Republican party, Krajewski never was. 

And so this is where the comparison stops.  

But it does demonstrate what can take place in the United States and reflects upon what the people take as serious or not. 

Trump is proving to be an unpredictable phenomenon.

It is proving to be troublesome to the establishment of the Republican Party, to the GOP pundits in the media and the doubtful are beginning to be believers.

Why is this?  America is tired of the ‘rigged’ establishment, they want a change.  A black president didn’t deliver ‘hope and change’ nor transparency.

Unfortunately, as a result of President Obama’s performance, it will be a long time before another black occupies the White House. 

This is not a white problem, this is a problem that the black leader created under the establishment by introducing divisiveness and racism into his lack of leadership, among many other left wing progressive policies.

Nevertheless, a white nonestablishment businessman crassly and aggressively thrust himself into the political arena.

And a phenom was born out of wealth.  

It happened without prediction, it’s happening despite prediction and pundits from both sides of the aisle are scratching their heads to baldness.

The polls are defying who they themselves think they are.

They are now modifying their rhetoric, and they seem to be saying that Trump himself is becoming more presidential and toning down his rhetoric.

They, the media, couldn’t be wrong, but they are.  

The left wing media, as a result of Trump, has exposed themselves for their bias.

But more importantly, the establishment of the right has done so also.

Brit Hume, the semi-retired political analyst of Fox News, whose early comments were anything but positive for Trump is ameliorating his commentary.  His tone and analysis was as negative as the GOP party and is changing to rally around the only candidate they have.  After all, Trump did seem to wipe out 17 other candidates in short order while his obvious opponent, Hillary Clinton, still can’t take care of one cantankerous old man socialist opponent on the Democratic side.

The same thing appears to be happening with Karl Rove in his commentary, the Bush-era political architect who’s rhetoric was anti-Trump, but now also seems to be ameliorating after assessing the polls saying, ‘there is a good Trump and a bad Trump.’

Could it be the man who likes to work with a display of numbers on a white board is witnessing an unlikely Trump surge in the polls?   

I live on a piece of property in Florida on the West Coast. It has 200 palm trees that sway in the breeze, much like politicians and pundits, hurricanes have come through, the strong trees sway with the winds, the weak ones topple, they have shallow roots.  

Just a thought without any stink from exit 15! 












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