Donald ‘Gantry’ Trump Rallies Alabama


Trump in Red Hat

Mobile, Ala. (Storch Report) — With the flamboyance of Evangelist Elmer Gantry Donald Trump circled in his Boeing 757 over a football stadium tonight in Alabama descending for a fire and brimstone rally he predicted to be 42,000 strong, but was half that number, but still gained the largest crowd of the 2016 presidential campaign of any other candidate, Republican or Democrat, and did so with the cheers and boisterous applause of the crowds.

As a non-politician – politician – he connects with the people because he speaks the peoples talk like no other politician.

He attacks everyone, Ford, Nabisco, Obama, Hillary, China, Japan, Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, Mexico, and Jeb with abandon, no holds barred and is welcomed with cheers for his critical comments.

He is New York with an iconic Jewish delivery of comic Jackie Mason.

He tells the people he will be the ‘greatest jobs president ever’ and will ‘make America great again,’ and the crowd resonates to the message.

He speaks extemporaneously, no Teleprompters and responds to crowd comments. 

He is a phenom of a candidate, the likes of which no one expected and at this stage polls are reporting that 57 % of Republican voters think Trump to be the nominee.

Even the liberal Washington post called him ‘the flamboyant mogul (that) has thoroughly disrupted the presidential campaign and kindled a national discussion about not just politics but American culture itself.’

America seems to be disturbed with Obama’s liberal progressive policies — foreign, domestic, economic, military, racial and political correctness.  They want to feel great about their country once again and Trump is striking a chord.

His speech focused heavily on illegal immigration.  “We’re going to build a wall,” he declared to booming applause.

Trump fans came by the thousands, driving from the Florida panhandle, from Mississippi, from Tennessee and Texas.  Traffic was backed up for more than a mile according to the Washington Post.

The event had been scheduled for the Mobile Civic Center but was moved to Ladd-Peebles Stadium, home to the University of South Alabama Jaguars, as interest soared.  

It was reported the scene resembled something between a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert and the Daytona 500.  They came to hear his fiery call to revolutionize the nation’s politics.

“This is history happening right before our eyes,” said Laura Teague of Mobile, one of the few black attendees at the rally.  “I’m going to help Trump make history.”








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2 Responses to Donald ‘Gantry’ Trump Rallies Alabama

  1. norman says:

    Trump identifies himself with Billy Graham, but Elmer Gantry is a better comparison. Gantry liked alcohol, easy money and women and caused great injury to those around him.
    But a Jewish Elmer Gantry! Oy vey; what a shanda.
    Trump is more Tony Soprano than Shecky Greene.

  2. Don Storch says:

    But don’t you see a touch of Jackie Mason? Trump does like the Evangelic’s, he said so tonight. But unlike Gantry, he allegedly does not drink.

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