Does Your Vote Count?


Trump & Hillary

Washington DC (Storch Report) — As a result of this presidential election season and the revelations that have been disclosed during the primaries that now have presumptive nominees, one of which in the Democratic Party was presumptive, or anointed long before she entered the contest, it should have been a signal that elections in the United States are rigged by the Parties and the common man’s vote is symbolic at best.

The she I am talking about in the Democratic Party is obviously Hillary Clinton, who’s husband was a former President of the US who will be long remembered for his dalliances and who announced before the contest began that his wife had all the delegate votes necessary to become the Democratic nominee.

That’s a rigged party primary election of a candidate, not one by the people.  Despite the valiant effort by one opponent — other Dems in the know had the common sense not to compete — Bernie Sanders, who is still hanging in there by his claws like the cat on the fence, giving her a run for her money in the popular vote, but she has the delegates to be the nominee, as Bill said.  And so, Bernie, the Socialist has called the process rigged.  

Now on the GOP side of the rigged party politics, it is the same, but not quite as slick.

A maverick of a candidate jumped into the race this year called The Donald as in Trump, competed against 16 other elite heavy hitters, knocked them off one by one along the way garnered more popular votes from the people, while opponents tried to get the delegates behind the scenes — as Hillary did — and it failed and he became the presumptive nominee.

But that was not good enough for the power brokers, the elite from the good old boys club, even opponents such as Jeb Bush, of the Bush clan of presidents, and Sen. Lindsey Graham who pledged to support the GOP nominee, whoever it might be, which the Donald eventually agreed to, but the two former candidates mentioned reneged.  So much for these politicians’ word, honor or pledge.

Now the GOP presumptive, Trump, is once again being challenged by the establishment, obviously because he wasn’t their choice, despite the fact he received more popular votes than any previous presidential candidate during a primary of all time and of all candidates of both parties.

The Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, once himself on a failed presidential ticket with Romney, refused to support Trump initially stating that he had to sleep on it, well think about it, or state something about not yet being ready to support him.  Ryan is Chairman of the Republican Convention.  The two, however, did agree to meet this Thursday to resolve what has been reported as policy differences.

However, in the period of rhetoric flying within the party, Paul Ryan issued a statement saying that he would step down from the Chair of the convention if the Donald wished.

This is nothing but gamesmanship by the elite of both parties, the behavior of which once again supports the contention that the peoples’ vote means very little, we don’t select the candidates, the party does, and when all is said and done the power brokers with the money pull the strings of the political nominee puppets in both parties and it wouldn’t surprise me if the money power brokers collude, decide what’s best for them, and secondarily hope it works out for the country selecting between the lesser of two evils they can control, we then vote as pawns of the system and then the Electoral College elects the President.

If you buy into this thesis, Trump doesn’t have a chance — the fix is in. 

Do you really think your vote counts? 






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