Does America Want Another President With The Skill To Speak Without Saying Anything?


What Difference Doe It Make HillaryWashington DC (Storch Report) — Hillary Clinton was an Alinsky leaning liberal in college much like President Obama, a lackluster Senator in Congress much like Obama, a traveling Secretary of State with the deaths of four staff colleagues on her hands, a pawn to the Obama administration’s cover-ups as well as her own, and now wants voters to give her an anointed second chance entitlement to be President with a resume filled with failed experiences.  Hillary is but another progressive political hack promising what America already is enduring with Obama.  I ask why would America want another president with the skill to speak without saying anything, promising leadership with words not action, promising transparency with mendacity all while running up the nation’s debt with liberal entitlements and big government? 

‘What Difference Does It Make?’ It makes the difference of four deaths directly attributable to Hillary Clinton’s failure to protect her very own staff when requested, including the Ambassador to Libya.  While Hillary and Obama tried to cover-up the attack by calling it a demonstration over a film critical to Muslims, in fact it was a planned attack by al Qaeda on the Benghazi outpost, which was part of the US Embassy.  Hillary, while serving as Secretary of State, was requested well before the attack to provide the outpost with more security but failed to do so, and while the attack was taking place neither Obama nor Clinton responded with US Military forces.

What Difference Does It Make? This act alone should disqualify Hillary to even run for President, without even discussing the multitude of other scandals, some of which could be criminal acts if Justice would investigate those in which she has been involved.

And the nation’s electorate needs to understand and assess these historic and nefarious scandals of Clinton, eg., Benghazi Gate; missing emails while a government employee; using a private server while a government employee and the deletion of same; an apparent pay for play scam, providing favors to foreign governments in exchange for donations to the Clinton Foundation while Secretary of State; and the complex finances of the Clinton Foundation where there appears to be more spent on staff payroll and expenses than grants to charities.

According to filings, the Foundation took in $140 million in grants but spent only $9 million on direct aid.  It spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, salaries and bonuses, with the fattest payouts going to family and friends.

America doesn’t need any more mendacity than what it has experienced from the Obama administration of which Hillary was a major player gathering more air mileage than accolades for diplomacy as Secretary of State.

Duplicitous behavior appears to be a trait of liberal progressives, along with promises not fulfilled and the passivity of leading from behind.

If Hillary’s present campaign behavior and lack of transparency is an example of what is to come, you can expect more of the same if she became president: inaccessibility, lack of forthrightness, mendacity, and a host of Benghazi-like cover-ups.




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