Dirty, Dirty


Hillary & Cruz

Iowa (Storch Report) — We’re off and running, Iowa is not even over and New Hampshire has just begun and the mudslinging of American dirty politics has already reared its ugly head.

They have no shame, not the insiders or the outsiders, not the establishment or the non-establishment, meanwhile President Obama preaches today to a Mosque in Baltimore Maryland, which has ties to radical Islamic Muslims such as al-Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood and tells us he is like Thomas Jefferson.  

Is it any wonder why Americans are angry and seeking a solution, but failing to find a person to deliver it?

Hillary wins the Iowa caucuses over Saunders by .3 percent of a point over 6 coin flips, Cruz wins over Trump because his staff told voters Carson quit while he went home to get a change of clothing, and Christie slams Rubio who came in a strong third for being the ‘boy in the bubble’ who is scripted, while he is campaigning in New Hampshire but placing 10th with 1.75 % of the vote in Iowa and couldn’t fit in the bubble he has Rubio in.  

We were once proud of the Hollywood heyday of the likes of Elvis Presley, space accomplishments, defending nations against fascism, nazism, and imperialism, but today with upcoming presidential primaries, as just took place in Iowa with the cast of the usual characters, we once again look like the past 7 years of Obama, a badly scripted, poorly cast of characters acting out a poorly directed ABC sitcom. 





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