Digital Infidelity

Bansky Mobile LoversBansky’s Mobile Lovers

New York (Storch Report) –I guess Anthony Weiner the former New York Congressman was ahead of his time and took digital infidelity to a lower level with advertising, promoting ‘back-burner’ relations while in a marital relationship?

A new study doesn’t take it that far but does suggest that digital infidelity does take place as is depicted in Bansky’s art work of Mobile Lovers as a result of the growing social network on smart phones.

Researchers at the University of Indiana found that Facebook users in relationships frequently use the site to keep in touch with ‘back burners.’

I guess it’s like having someone in the dug-out to be available in relief if the current relationship strikes out.

I have always been suspicious of those that have so many friends on Facebook they could run for public office and win.  But now, I have learned there is another reason, much like yesterday and the ‘black book.’  Nothing, really changes in human nature or instinct, just the electronics.

While we are discussing this in the realm of the study, which was confined to the single dating community, imagine projecting it into the lives of a newly married couple, she an attractive New York news anchor, he a handsome financial Wall Street operative:

“Hi honey,” he said coming home to their upscale Manhattan apartment. 

“Don’t give me that ‘honey shit,’ ” she said while holding her first glass of wine for the evening.

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I visited my lawyer today after discovering you have been guilty of ‘digital infidelity’ and I am prepared to resolve this right here and now.”

“Discovering what and resolving what?  Where is this information coming from and how?”

“Don’t give me this nonsense, this is the 21st century; the Russians spy on us, the Chinese spy on us and the NSA spies on us and I spied on you.”

“You have more than 300 friends on Facebook more than 60 percent of them are women, in other words ‘back-burners.’ “

“Back what?”

“Don’t give me that naive crap.  Back-burners are those women you have cultivated waiting in the wings for our marriage to fail and you men have twice the rate of women on the back burner according to a new study.”

” I don’t believe this, I am just networking, protecting our financial future.  I am not looking for another woman.”

“Well, if that’s true then you won’t have any trouble signing this post-nuptial agreement that my lawyer drew up.”

” A post what . . .  we don’t even have a prenuptial?”

“Here are the papers sign them.  What would you like for dinner?”

“Oh, I guess I’ll have a hot dog.”











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