Did Obama Ever Like America?

Obama eating ice cream

Washington DC (Storch Report) — After six years of President Obama’s failed polices both on the domestic and world stage interspersed with basketball, pool, beer and burgers, golf and vacations-R-him, I don’t think he really ever liked the nation he ‘campaigned’ to govern.

He promised us ‘Hope & Change.’  This slogan was developed by the flacks he surrounded himself with, and designed to provide duplicitous meanings for each word.

His definition of ‘Hope’ was for him and the benefits afforded to the position he was elected to, and the ‘Change’ was for us, and it wasn’t for the better; but you would never know it when listening to his messages while campaigning, which never seemed to end.

Today we know better, a recent poll showed that 33 % of Americans would like to see him impeached, he holds a 39 % approval rating and the Congress is looking into suing him for unconstitutional executive orders on his signature bill, Obamacare.

I don’t think impeachment is a good idea with Joe Biden as the consolation prize, this was probably why Obama picked him as a running mate.

We don’t even know if Obama is an American, so why worry if he likes us?  His behavior in office seems to speak for itself.

While war once again erupted between Israel and Palestine, a Russian missile shot down a passenger plane over the Ukraine with the loss of 298 lives and illegal aliens from Honduras were pouring over Mexican borders into the United States for the past two weeks, Obama was fund raising for the Democrats across the nation.

Even members of his own party are distancing themselves from him and are not looking for photo ops, but like the fund raising because they all face tough mid-term elections based upon his legacy.

Pundits — yes even Democrats — believe Obama is disengaged from governing and doesn’t care.  In comparison to President Putin of Russia he is perceived as a wimp.

The nation has two more years of this nonsense, and I would suggest we grant Obama an admonition of being AWOL as Commander in Chief and send him to Martha’s Vineyard to play golf, have a burger and slurp ice cream with his family.

After all, this way he is less likely to get the nation into more trouble than it already is.

Oh, I forgot!  Obama is leaving on vacation with his family to Martha’s Vineyard.

I guess we’ll see him in the next photo-op — if he allows one!

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4 Responses to Did Obama Ever Like America?

  1. norman says:

    “We don’t even know if Obama is an American”.
    Who is we?

  2. Don Storch says:

    When I wrote that line in my last Column,’Did Obama Ever Like America,’ you knew I was not talking about you being part of the collective “we.”

    The “we” that you question are those that have now been clearly identified that:

    Doubt the birth documents, none of which are originals, that were provided to prove citizenship. Some were known to be doctored;

    The “we” are those that believe Obama went to Harvard and Columbia, find few, if any, students that remember him in their class, witnessed transcripts of his records, who now professes to be an attorney, but doesn’t have a license to practice;

    The “we” are those that believed they could keep their doctor and insurance carrier under Obamacare;

    The “we” are those that believe Obama knew about “Fast & Furious” and covered it up;

    The “we” are those that believed Benghazi was an Obama cover-up as the facts, now uncovered, show;

    The “we” are those that believe that Obama knew about the FBI targeting journalists;

    The “we” are those that believe Obama was well aware of NSA spying on the world, even American citizens;

    The “we” are those that believe Obama was involved with the IRS scandal targeting conservative organizations;

    The “we” are those who believe Obama is the “obstructionist,” along with pawn Sen Harry Reid, that is preventing our government from moving forward;

    The “we” are those that believe that Obama did not uphold his oath of office by not upholding the Constitution of the United States, and by violating it through executive order changing Obamacare some 50 times without the approval of congress, which on a few occasions has now been upheld by the Supreme Court;

    The “we” are the 33 percent of the nation that would like to see Obama impeached, only 39 percent approve of the way he is running the country. You wouldn’t get out of Harvard with those numbers;

    I think these are enough “we’s” for the time being, and I apologize to you if for one minute you thought I included you in the collective “we.”

  3. norman says:

    The long lists of “we’s” that you list have nothing to do with his being an American. If you have criticisms about Obama’s performance as president they in no way impact on his citizenship. If we look at what’s accepted as being a natural born citizen,(required to be a U.S president).Individuals born abroad to U.S. citizens are considered to be natural born citizens. That’s why Senator Cruz, born in Canada with a Cuban father and American mother can run for president. That’s why Senator McCain, born in the Panama Canal Zone can run for president. They are natural born citizens. They are Americans.
    Obama was born in Hawaii. But the “we’s” who have to believe he was born in Kenya have to understand that his mother being American makes him as American as the “we’s” are.
    Obama graduated from Harvard Law School in 1991. He was admitted as a lawyer by the Supreme Court of Illinois on 12/17/91. He worked as a civil-rights lawyer. When he announced for the presidency he voluntarily placed his law license in “inactive status”. In February 2009, after being elected president he changed that status to “retired”. This is common practice. He can return to active status if he chooses to. He also taught law at the University of Chicago.
    There are students who knew Obama at Columbia. They have been interviewed. This information is available to anyone who’s interested.
    I accept your apology and I would think the “we” you use must be the modest “royal we”.

  4. Don Storch says:

    The doubt of ‘we’ in Obama’s initial citizenship claim transcends to all of the ‘we’s’ of doubt consistent in his subsequent behavior and policies resulting in a behavior of mendacity.

    It has everything to do with the initial doubt followed by a pattern of lying to the people and his current lack of credibility.

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