Did America Underestimate Donald Trump?


Trump In Buffalo

New York (Storch Report) — There is a phenomenon taking place and the political pundits can’t quite fathom what is happening because it’s not following the norm of the establishment and Trump has thrust a dagger into the belly of the US political system, both Republican, and Democratic, that will change the election process of this nation forever.

And as a result of the exposure of delegates voting for the candidates and the people not given the same opportunity while the former receive bribes for their vote, it well should result in a change that represents our Democracy.

Trump’s messages, as New Yorkish as they might be, are resonating among the common person, and for good reason.

Politics seduces the American voter from the very grass roots of the community in which they live because the same corruption prevails on this level and by its mere nature of greed metastases to the likes of the White House because you can’t get from that hometown to that place in the DC beltway without participating.

And this is a point where Trump scores and the opponents are wrong because it violates the principals of Democracy.  And, for the first time, it is being disclosed to the people.

Trump labels opponents with negatives, ‘crooked Hillary,’ ‘lying Cruz’ but he has moved through a field of 17 opponents and is the leading candidate.  And, you might ask why?

Trump draws some 20,000 per political event, his opponents can’t come close.

The Republican conservative establishment wants to remove him from the political scene because he doesn’t seem to be presidential.

My O’ My does that mean he is going to do something different or worse than President Obama who has been trampling on the Constitution for 8 years?

After all the Donald is putting his own money where his mouth is — who else has ever done that?

This nation needs a change from a Marxist direction and one that has purposefully diminished the nation’s military prowess.

The alternative is the untrustworthy, crooked Hilary Clinton who wants a status quo or a socialist Bernie Saunders who wants to take away $9 from every $10 you earn.

Return America to the people!



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