Dems Shun Basic American Values At SOTU

Washington DC (Storch Report) – One would expect the progressive Democrats to sit on their hands listening to President Donald Trump’s accomplishments and polices for the future they don’t agree with, but to shun basic American values like In God We Trust, the National Anthem or the American flag for which our military has fought and died for is sick while displaying the hatred behavior of petulant children.

But, there was more than that going on out there, there was outright hatred permeating the atmosphere with the left delivered through body language of one view of America while President Trump was verbally delivering another.

As President Trump delivered his State of the Union address, looking out on the sea of lawmakers, his view from the podium was the left sitting to his right and the right sitting to his left.

The left was sitting on their hands, sultry and pouting while the right was doing jumping jacks and clapping.

Bill O’Rielly said that it looked like Nancy Pelosi was sitting on a nail and to me it looked like Chuck Schumer was screwed into his seat by osteoporosis.

There were 48 million watching SOTU, and of that 11.5 Million were watching Fox News.

A CBS poll said 75 % of the audience thought Trump did a good job and 8 out of 9 thought he gave a speech of unity.

The Democratic Party seems to be in disarray, playing the role of obstructionists, while the left wing progressive media supports the cause.

From the left Van Jones said Trump was serving up candy with poison in it, Pelosi said the speech brought tears to the eyes of the Statue of Liberty – only she talks to statutes – and a host from NBC said the public wouldn’t know anything about the illegal immigrants of 70,000 killers in the US that call themselves MS 13 unless they watched Fox News.

Trump delivered an excellent State of the Union calling out his successes while interweaving his guests through-out the theme of his speech, noting that, “Americans have dreams too.”



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