Dems Got Coal In Their Stockings

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Liberal Progressives have been living in a cocoon of bitterness for the past year lamenting past Obama-isms of vitriol that has been anything but sweet.

They refuse to serve up a monologue that is productive or constructive, wallowing in their childish ‘sore loser’ behavior and smarting over their standard bearer candidate, Hillary Clinton, who was projected by the polls to be a 93 % winner only to lose the electoral vote by a landslide.  So much for the polls of tomorrow.

Living in a cocoon causes blindness, preventing one from seeing that President Trump’s economy is booming, his unemployment rate is the lowest in 16 years, and Americans are safer than they were in the past years of the Obama administration.

The president’s favorability rating has jumped to 45 % with the passage of tax reform, the repeal of the Obamacare mandate, Corporations are once again investing in America, providing jobs, an increase in wages for the middle class and bonuses, heretofore not seen.

Not one congressional Dem vote went for legislation that has created this turnaround by the Trump administration.  No, in contrast they bitched divisiveness and hatred, using a Democratic arm of the Party – the liberal media – to further Trump-up false and negative stories, including proposals for impeachment.

It was businessman Trump, his policies, aggressive actions, on multiple fronts, domestic and foreign, that made it happen.

Is it any wonder that the Dems got coal in their stockings this Christmas?

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