Demarche; Deconfliction; Hegemony — All New Words Reflecting Obama’s Foreign Policy Disaster



New York (Storch Report) — We were warned in 2012 by the man who should have been President today, Mitt Romney, that Russia was the primary threat to the United States. 

No one believed him, until today, when a three star General issued a ‘demarche’ in Bagdad upon the United States one hour before Russian planes began bombarding our defacto allies and not ISIS in Syria warning the US to get its planes and military out of the country to avoid a ‘deconfliction’ while President Putin further pursued his ‘hegemony’ from Europe to the Middle East.

This all took place three days after Obama and Putin had a rather uncordial meeting, as portrayed by the photo on the top of this column, at the UN where Putin unquestionably outperformed Obama in conflicting back to back speeches.

What took place was a surprise attack, much like Japan attacking Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.  US military were caught off guard and the White House was asleep in their mode of diplomacy and weakness of hand grips.

Perhaps some definition of words might be in order — you might think Obama should do this for he introduced them as a result of his failed foreign policy.

However, I will be glad to pick up the slack:

Demarche — this is a line of action; move; counter maneuver, especially in diplomatic relations.

Deconfliction — this is designed to reduce the risk of collision between aircraft.

Hegemony — this is leadership of dominance, especially by one country.

And so as you can see Mitt Romney was right about his prophecy of Russia and its threat to the US.

Obama has too much time in office to do too much damage to a nation.  He consistently threatens Veto, and executive order, recognizing that he can bypass the constitution with a weak Congress as a dictator. 

What takes place today in Foreign policy reflects upon what’s taking place domestically.  Hillary Clinton complains about the conspiracy of ‘drips’ relating to her emails or the critics attacking Obama’s foreign policy.

But it was disclosed once again today amidst, Russia’s surprise attack, that Russia tried five times to hack Hillary Clinton’s emails and private server.

I guess we as a nation failed to recognize that a drip can eventually result in a flood and now it is taking place on a global basis.










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