de Blasio Takes Page From Obama’s Liberal Playbook, Blames Media For Divisiveness

Bill de BlasioNew York (Storch Report) — While calling for a moratorium of protest during a period of morning to embrace the families of two NYPD officers slain over the weekend, New York Mayor de Blasio didn’t heed his own advice at a press conference and blasted the media in protest for allegedly creating the divisiveness in the City, taking a page out of President Obama’s very own playbook.

Meanwhile in Hawaii, Obama earlier called  NYC Police Commissioner Bill Bratton offering his support , while staying clear of any calls to the toxic de Blasio

The Mayor’s anger erupted whe

n CBS’s Tony Aiello asked about some ugly chants used at many protests following the Eric Garner decision.

The Mayor condemned the language, but insisted the media was blowing the rhetoric out of proportion.

“What are you guys going to do?  Are you going to keep dividing us?” de Blasio said.

“The few who want conflict, attempt that, and unfortunately, so many times you guys enable that,” he added.

He called the media’s actions “unfair,” and insisted most protesters were peaceful but that “you guys enable” the troublemakers

But it was de Blasio that created the divide between he an the police force with an anti-cop agenda while he was campaigning for Mayor, and once again it was clear that his heart remains with the protesters, unable to follow his own advice.

He clearly took a page from the Obama/Holder/Sharpton playbook to fuel racism with a philosophy to destroy, divide, gain power and make the people beholden to big government.

His own divisive rhetoric surfaced minutes after he called for a moratorium on protests, polarizing a message of dignity.

While conducting his anti-cop agenda running for Mayor he suspected NYPD was spying on him, and while de Blasio visited the hospital where the two slain officers were taken a cordon of police officers turned their back on him.

de Blasio lost the police on his own, the media had nothing to do with it or fueling racism.

The media was just doing their job, perhaps it is time for de Blasio to do his.


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