Controlling The Message

Kroft Obama Interview

Washington DC (Storch Report) — There is nothing new about the White House trying to control the message, it has been going on since George Washington and though he is euphemistically called the ‘Father’ of our country no one has accused him of sexually impropriety or adultery.

Perhaps this is why he was given the title of ‘Father of our Country’ and perhaps it was nothing more than a cover-up or disguise for his sexuality proclivities.

Controlling the message is the essence of politics.  It is the essence of business, that’s why it’s called public relations today.

In fact public relations reaches back into time and its origin is traced to Catholicism, eons ago and the word, ‘propaganda.’

Perhaps that is what the Bible is, not public relations, but propaganda.  Who can disprove it?  In fact we don’t know the author, if there is one.

The authors, as we are led to believe, of the bible, are many.

And they didn’t deliver their messages in what we might call understandable English of today, but then again not much has changed, e.g., the messages of President Obama.

In the early days of our history messages were difficult to deliver,  I mean after all remember Paul Revere?

He was yelling something while traveling across the country on a horse that something was coming, which happens to be an ally today, and thank God we had George to save us from those villains.

Yes, and they are friends today and they are called British, part of the coalition.

Now if we do a fast forward to the advent of television the rapid delivery of the message began to change.

Little did we know with the advent of TV it would dramatically change with Al Gore’s information highway now called the Internet.

We have jumped from a 24 hour news cycle to an instant news cycle and if the traditional media doesn’t report what’s happening, the social media will.

It is becoming more difficult to control the message. 

In the days of the Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy administration even the media controlled the message by refusing to report on our presidents’ extra marital affairs.

All bets were off in the Clinton administration.

The charges today against the Obama administration is that they are controlling the message, in particular those off the record events that are covered by pool reporters which must pass through the White House press office before they are released, whether they be photos or news reports.

In my opinion that form of control is the minutia of message control, what the president or his minions say to control the message are far more important.

For example President Obama himself said ISIS was a JV team and tonight they are two miles away from taking control of Baghdad, the capitol of Iraq.  But Obama himself doesn’t take responsibility for this, he blames his Intel and James Clapper head of the CIA, who underestimated ISIS capability and overestimated the Iraqi Army to do its job.

When there is any form of success from the White House Obama uses the words I or me as compared to casting blame on another.

Obama doesn’t refer to war when he directs airstrikes against another country he makes reference to wars as a little one v a big one.  You see he doesn’t want to be seen as a war president, but he is.

When it comes to terror he calls it ‘workplace violence’ the Ft. Hood massacre being a classic example the second now being the Oklahoma beheading.  Bad things don’t happen on his watch; however Americans are still looking for a good thing to happen.

Obama says, “America is not against ISIS.”  If we are not against ISIS who are we at war with?  ISIS is beheading Americans.  Shouldn’t that make Obama mad enough to declare war and ask Congress for permission to do so?

The use of words by the president are far more material in controlling the message than clearing an off the record pool report through the White House press office.   

Americans shouldn’t be naive about the truth of the message, the devious words delivered, nor to think there is no control by the White House behind the message or the manipulation of the media messenger delivering the alleged news.










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