Common Sense v No Sense


Washington DC (Storch Report) — Political Correctness has seriously invaded the brains of some persons with no sense v common sense in the United States.

In my opinion the cause is the influence of left wing progressive liberalism.

It is a serious condition and one day will very likely be diagnosed by the medical community as a condition that needs treatment.

Influencing senseless political correctness often comes about, in my opinion, through an old technique of brain washing. Its origin most likely is Asian, where brain washing was practiced in World War II, Korea and Vietnam

It has become more sophisticated in recent years as it is practiced in the United States by infiltrating the educational system, as is also practiced in China, Russia, Iran, North Korea etc.

Hopefully the condition, created by progressive left wing liberals, will be covered by some affordable health care act like Obamacare which is in the process of imploding, if not exploding.

Otherwise it will be a boon for ambulance chasing lawyers until such time laws favor illegal aliens living in all cities in the US rather than just a few to commit heinous crimes, including murder.

Examples of no sense through political correctness can be seen this month in Rockville Md where two adult, but illegal aliens, 17 and 18 raped a 14 year-old-child in Rockville, Md High School, a city seeking to be a sanctuary one.  The accused, one from El Salvador and the other from Guatemala, were before the court system in a pending “alien removal case.”

The case raises common sense questions such as: Why are illegal aliens allowed to attend public schools? Were these students vetted before being allowed to attend? Do these students have criminal records in their home countries? And why would a school system allow 17 and 18-year-old’s to be in the 9th grade when they should be out of high school?

And, in nearby Alexandria Va., just south of Rockville, police have been battling violent Salvadorian gangs called MS-13.  The majority of members are illegal aliens and some have been convicted for murders in the area over the past year.

And who can forget Kathryn Steinie, 31, a medical sales rep who was strolling with her father in a tourist area, and shot randomly and killed at Pier 14 in July of 2015 in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, allegedly by Francisco Sanchez, 45, who was previously deported five times to his home country of Mexico and his criminal history includes seven prior felony convictions?

None of these crimes would have occurred had immigration laws, already on the books, been upheld

Today no sense appears to prevail over common sense in the United States giving way to liberal political correctness.




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