Common Sense

Sorry we can't feed the bears

Dr. Benjamin Carson said only a few days ago, in effect, that common sense was not something reserved just for conservatives, but the Dems continue to prove that it is.

From President Obama to his Democratic leadership in Congress and the minions that follow and endorse his policies like puppets and mouth his doctrine that America does not have a debt problem — we are approaching 17 trillion of it — and they say we don’t have a spending problem — when we spend $1 trillion more than we receive in revenue — belies the thought there is hope for common sense in the Democratic party.

Obama with his false promises of transparency, which looks more like a Marxist regime of controlled propaganda of another era, relies on the tactics of deception, diversion, mendacity and duplicity to sell  everything but what makes common sense.  And he often does this while saying one thing, but meaning another – duplicity.

Americans across this nation could not run their household based upon the US government’s financial formula.  But Democrats want you to believe this is okay, because big government, growth, spending and debt allegedly stimulates the economy.

However,  it didn’t seem to work when the Feds pumped $1.8 billion into the economy for bailouts during the recent recession.  Unemployment held steady, is still above what Obama predicted it would be and in Detroit, where he bailed out the auto industry the motor city is still at 10.2% unemployment and he may very well bailout the city.

The Dems do not think we are on a path to Greece, because unlike them we can print money when we need it. This is short term thinking and not something that can be sustained on a long term basis.

Obama has captured demographics, much like the cartoon on the top of this column depicts, through entitlements, and it has played in his favor during two elections and to move closer to the destruction of America, as Dr. Carson stated recently in a speech before CPAC.

If Obama’s misguided financial, debt and spending agenda were not enough, take into account his signature legislation, ObamaCare.  This in itself could put the nail in the coffin of the United States.

His strategy was to present the goodies in this healthcare plan up front so we wouldn’t see its true impact until it fully took effect in 2014.

He assured us we could get health insurance if we had a pre existing medical condition, that our insurance was portable, that we could keep our doctor and the cost of this socialistic plan would cost less than we were currently paying.

Congress listened to Nancy Pelosi, then the speaker of the Democratic-controlled House, who advised to pass the bill and find out what was in it later.  A sound bit of common sense!

This is what they did and few if any of the ‘forward’ thinking lambs read the contents of the 20,000 pages.  But they are now finding out ObamaCare is more costly than our previous health care coverage, it has and will continue to negatively impact jobs, the economy, costs to small and big business, and when it was challenged legally we found out even the highest court in the land was in the tank for Obama, as was the mainstream media from the outset.

Today small business and Corporations are holding back on spending, hiring and investing because they saw that Obama’s stimulus programs didn’t spur the economy on, it did the opposite, and entitlement programs such as ObamaCare proved to be more costly then he promised.

The only person known to be stimulated by all of this was NBC’s host of “Hardball” — more appropriately called Softball when talking to Democrats — Chris Matthews,  who showed his journalistic bias when Obama was elected president when saying, “I felt this thrill running up my leg.”

Obama is well on his way to becoming a two term president that has given this nation an uncomfortable period of Uncertainty.

Even General Electric, who’s Chairman & CEO, Jeffery Immelt, Chairperson of Obama’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, is not spending, but is investing some $108 billion of his company’s profits overseas, along with a number of other corporations in the US.

Whether it be domestic policy or foreign policy, common sense does not seem to fit into Obama’s community organizing form of governing.

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