College Kids Are The Entitlement Generation Not The Greatest Generation As They Think


An ongoing study about what college kids think of themselves should say something about the culture of America today, they not only think they are the entitlement generation under the Obama administration, they really think they are the greatest generation, but fail to realize they have accomplished about as much as Kim Kardashian.

Unfortunately they missed an important part of the history of this nation and were short changed in their education.

They failed to learn that the greatest generation were those that grew up in the Great Depression and served and sacrificed for the nation during World War II.

Today entitlement is fostered and encouraged by the government and food stamps are a classic example.  The spending on food stamps has mushroomed from about $39 Billion a year under President Bush to $100 Billion under President Obama.

According to Fox News, the new survey, which has been conducted since 1966, found that today’s college students believe they are the greatest generation in history.  The results suggest a surging sense of self-worth by today’s youth.  This year’s results show an unprecedented level of self-inflation.  More importantly the survey found that there’s a disconnect between the students’ opinions of themselves and their actual ability.

Parenting author Lyss Stern said on Fox that she believes this reflects children’s senses of entitlement and says it’s up to parents to teach them at a young age that they must work hard before reaping the benefits.

A representative of today’s generation Jason Ryan Dorsey, thinks Stern has it backward.

“What got us in this situation are our parents,” he said.  “They gave us a ribbon, they gave us a trophy, they told us we’re great.  And then those of us that went to college, our parents are helping us out.  They say as long as you’re there we will help you, you know, just finish.  And 80 percent of us graduate and move back home and our parents take us back.”

Dorsey said today’s college students haven’t learned to connect effort with outcome.

Dorsey is right.  In fact President Barack Hussein Obama is one of those parents.

He takes his family, including two daughters, on $7 Million taxpayer paid vacations to Hawaii.  Perhaps this is what Obama perceives as his entitlement to his family?

More importantly he tries to spend taxpayer money through a stimulus program to create jobs, but it fails, creates Obamacare to improve healthcare, adds to the deficit, for a program that may very well serve up poorer health care and in the process takes away jobs, and increases the expenditures on food stamps instead of putting people to work.  And, in order to pay for it all he introduces the concept of redistribution of wealth, take from those that are successful and give to the poor and the middle class.

All of this is done with a motive in mind, to make the people dependent on the government, a Marxist thesis.

Is it any wonder college kids today are the entitlement generation and moving back home for more handouts?  Or, are so infatuated with themselves that they emulate the accomplishments of the Kardashians?

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