Clinton Email Server Judgment Now Up To Court Of Public Opinion


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Washington DC (Storch Report) — While we predicted the fix was in, it is now left up to the court of public opinion to determine whether a ‘careless and reckless’ person such as Hillary Clinton, formerly Secretary of State, who was so labeled today by FBI Director James Comey should be elected president of the United States when she couldn’t be hired as an employee of the federal government today with her new  credentials.

Comey laid out the case for indictment providing evidence that Clinton was ‘extremely careless’ in handling ‘top secret’ and ‘confidential’ information through her private email servers which is the definition of ‘gross negligence,’ a violation of federal law 793, a felony, which is an indictable offense.  Yet, Comey said the FBI would not be recommending to DOJ any charges against Clinton

Very reminiscent of Chief Justice Roberts decision and statement with respect to the legality of Obamacare.

The words Comey used were in conflict with themselves.’extremely careless’ behavior is the definition of ‘gross negligence,’ and a indictable offense.

However, there were many signs that the fix was in within the administration leading many to believe the Clinton’s have been and are above the law, while the ‘laws are for the little people.’

The events as they unfolded in Hillary’s favor pointed to a ‘rigged’ political system.

Examine them:

  1. Obama endorses Clinton as president
  2. Bill as in husband of Hillary and former president, clandestinely meets in Phoenix with Attorney General Lynch, who the FBI reports to; they discuss family, grand-kids, golf and travels at what was described as a ‘chance’ meeting
  3. FBI interrogates Hillary for 3 hours on the Saturday of the July 4th weekend
  4. On Tuesday following the Fourth of July FBI Director delivers a case for indictment of Clinton, but declares there will be no recommendations for charges filed against Clinton to the DOJ.
  5. On the very afternoon of the FBI statement President Obama and Hillary Clinton fly off to North Carolina for a Clinton campaign rally.

Comey says in his press statement in the AM that he did not share the contents of his statement with anyone — not plausible for the following reasons:

Comey says there was no influence in the investigation of Clinton nor the recommendation for no charges — not plausible, he was aware of Obama’s endorsement of Clinton for president.

The Clinton camp says Bill’s meeting with Lynch was a ‘chance meeting’ — not plausible, it had to be arranged for it to happen the way it was described.

And, finally Comey’s statement that no one knew what he was about to say in his statement to the press this morning as Obama was scheduled to fly with Clinton on a Campaign rally to North Carolina — not plausible for Obama was not about to be embarrassed if the FBI recommendation was for an indictment of Clinton.

On the basis of the findings of the FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton she should be sanctioned from any security briefings as a candidate for president.

As for Comey he appears to be the savviest of political animals in the same camp as Chief Justice Roberts, a rogue actor who has questions to answer, which he failed to do today.

These are facts attached to implausible optics of today’s progressive, politically correct Alinsky driven politics.

And, so it is now that the court of public opinion must do its job and right the wrongs that have been perpetrated on Americans by politicians who think they are above the law.








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