animated xmas tree 3Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) — Christmas is for kids and we learn as kids coming from a Christian family as we mature it’s not just about gifts, no matter how enticing;  it’s about much more, it’s about religion, it’s about Christ, it’s about tradition and most of all it’s about caring for others more than ourselves and this is a commonality that varies globally, person to person and family to family but it is innate in it’s spirit among all Christians.

We form our Christmas values about the season from our parents and it is ingrained from our first Christmas.  It could almost be interpreted as a brainwashing procedure because it is so pleasurable growing up looking forward to Christmas, and all of its traditions, the religious history learned from Sunday School, the tree, the cookies, candies, the special foods from ethnicity to ethnicity, the family gatherings, the friendship, the caring for others, yes and even the gifts no matter how large or how small, even though it only comes once a year.  It has always been and always will be a special time.

I say Christmas is for kids, but it is also for adults, although it segues into something else as we become parents and are forced into the differences between what was one parents Christmas and that of the other and then we force that merger on the offspring.

The commercialism of Christmas hasn’t helped because today it’s all about selling products and now the kids are not interested in tradition and family values, they just want the latest iPhone.

I always thought it was about all of those things cited, in two graphs before the last.  If you grew up with a real Christmas tree and you selected and brought it home and decorated it and your significant other had fake trees that didn’t drop their needles — you are off and running, with the merger of the real and the fake, and then there are some that like the soft sugar cookies rather than the hard ones that snaps off the crown on your tooth.

It could also be more complicated if both parents are divorced and they come into a second marriage with each having children of their own and they all live in the same house like the Brady Bunch.

Then there are the exes-es and the families of the exes-es injected into the equation and it makes a “Griswold Family Christmas” look like happy holidays.

Then there are also happy ending feel good Christmases between two adults with no families to consider, like when “Harry met Sally,” just two couples trying to fall in love, and even with that, Harry tries to tell Sally what the song Auld Lang Sye is all about on New Year’s Eve.

Most family Christmases look like the Griswold Family Christmas.

You see when two adults join and want the Christmas they experienced as a kid, they will attempt to impose theirs on the other and if it’s a second marriage it is compounded by that influence and multiplied by all the exes-es.

Christmases can be depressing for some, because that someone else they argued with over how they would spend it for years on end are no longer around to debate it; and the survivor hates their ex for leaving them alone to their own Christmas to spend it the way in which they wish, now with no one to argue about the way it should be.

It seems as though I have painted myself into a corner with this Christmas story, for I thought I started out on a positive note. 

But I know how I can get out of it, I’ll end it the way I started it.

Christmas is for kids.  Make it happy for them.









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