Charlotte County Fl Plans To Import Tourist Access To All Beaches On Manasota Key To Pay For Sand


In order to get sand on Manasota Key Fl beaches and money from the state and the Feds, Charlotte County Commissioners plan to import tourists from the north end of the key in Sarasota County to offset the costs of a beach re-nourishment program.

Chairman Bill Truex, said Charlotte has worked out an inter-local agreement with Sarasota County to have Sarasota County area transit buses routed to Charlotte’s Englewood Beach.  This then can be calculated as adding to existing beach access for federal and state funding.

The County is now eligible for the state to pick up 39% of the costs.  The percentage of state participation can be influenced by public access to beaches.

Furthermore, bicycle racks placed on public streets that dead end on the Gulf beach can also be counted as additional public access, according to reports in the Englewood Sun.

This in exchange would increase the number of tourists with beach access on the Charlotte County section of Manasota Key and perhaps lower the cost of taxes to beach front owners on the Key for the beach re-nourishment project.

However, this will certainly increase the population of beach tourists on private beach front land, commercialize the southern portion of the key, increase traffic more than what it is and change the culture of a quiet solitude island. 


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