Can You Take Josh Earnest Seriously?



New York (Storch Report) — You don’t have to search far to discover that Josh Earnest is an oxymoron. After all, his first name Josh means ‘tease’ and his surname means ‘sincere’ and yesterday he explained that the ‘War on Terror’ is but a ‘War of Narratives’ — I couldn’t tell whether he was ‘teasing’ or ‘sincere.’

So, Josh as the Press Secretary to his boss, a ‘passive progressive’ (President Obama) who ‘leads from behind’ and is a double oxymoron himself, finally explained why President Obama dodges around the ‘war on terror’ with words and refuses to identify the enemy as ‘radical Islamic terrorists,’ even though they have declared war against the United States.

Obama is engaged in a ‘war of words’ Earnest says, finally explaining why the president labeled the Islamic attack at Ft. Hood ‘workplace violence’ and calls other acts ‘criminal’ or that of a ‘lone wolf’ who roam in our cities as ‘lone wolf-packs,’ an oxymoron.  ‘Homegrown terror,’ is another favorite although meaningless when it comes to life and injury.

As Obama an Earnest play their war of word games avoiding inflammatory narratives with politically correct statements, people are being killed and injured here in the United States, 59 injured just this weekend in a trifecta of bombings and knife slashing’s. In New York Mayor Bill deBlasio called the bombings ‘intentional’ but not ‘terror,’ adding another narrative spin to a plethora of meaningless words.  A bomb is not made ‘unintentionally’  and once it is placed, explodes and injures — it’s ‘terror.’

ISIS has brought the ‘war of terror’ to the world, killing 125,000 and injuring three times that number since 9/11.

These politicians aren’t much better playing games with the ‘war of words’ than they are in dealing with ‘the war on terror,’ much rhetoric but little substance.

I guess you can’t Josh and still be Earnest!

                                                    # # #

Don Storch is the author of “If a Passive Progressive Leads from Behind, he is a Double Oxymoron,” a Collection of Satire on the Obama Administration.


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