Boston Red Sox And Their Fans Lack Class

A-Rod Thrown At 4 times

It was not a class act for baseball last night when Boston Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster obviously and intentionally threw four balls at Alex Rodriguez during his first time at bat and finally succeeded in hitting him in the ribs with the fourth while home plate umpire Brian O’Nora issued warnings to each team, but failed to throw Dempster out of the game as he should have for the blatant violation, while Yankee manager Joe Girardi objected to the call and was himself ejected.  Bullpens of both teams emptied onto the field and the Red Sox fans roared in favor of the act.  The Boston Red Sox and their fans showed a lack of class the likes of which should be deplored, not condoned.

Oh, we know the cause of the incident, a rebellion over A-Rod’s use of drugs, his suspension from MLB for 211 games , but his ability to play during his appeal from the decision.  Did the Boston Red Sox organization make a conscious decision to be judge, jury and executor of their own penalty for A-Rod, as though none of their ballplayers were not ever guilty of violating the leagues rules of using drugs?  We know this not to be true.

Hypocrisy in politics and baseball is disturbing, because people get hurt.

I played the game when it was, perhaps as pure as it could be.  No one made a lot of money, they just played the game because they loved it.  It wasn’t until big time money entered the game that anyone was looking for an advantage.

I am not a fan of A-Rod, but I am a fan of the New York Yankees because I believe they are a class organization, unlike the Boston Red Sox which they clearly demonstrated this evening.

The Yankees demonstrated their class following the Boston Marathon terrorist attack by their acts at Yankee stadium honoring the victims.

This editorial does not condone A-Rod’s acts, whatever they might prove to be, nor any other ballplayer’s acts that violate the rules of MLB, and in fact cheat to gain an advantage on the field of the game.

But I will defend right from wrong, even when the player under scrutiny is more than likely guilty.  We are a nation of laws, yes, and rules.  Allow the appeal to play out, allow the defense to present its case.

Class outshines crass, and Boston was crass and unruly tonight.

Allow me to further present my case. 

Tonight marked the 17th time Rodriguez has been hit by a Red Sox pitcher since he became a Yankee, five more than any other player in baseball.

I think that says something about the Boston organization.  I do understand the rivalry, and a rivalry is good and it makes for fun between the teams and the fans.

But when it lacks dignity and class, everyone looses.

As a post script to ugliness in baseball, the Boston Red Sox strategy of throwing at A-Rod tonight, for whatever reason didn’t work, the Yankees won 9 – 6, as closer Marino Rivera once again sealed the game for the Yankees, and we must grant a small cudo to Boston fans; they did applaud Rivera as he fades into retirement.

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