Boats For Super Boat International Grand Prix On Manasota Key To Be Launched From Chadwick Park


Super Boat Race Course

The boats for the Super Boat International Grand Prix at Englewood Beach will be launched at Chadwick Park Just across from the festival site and behind the White Elephant restaurant.

The boats will be lifted by a crane from their trailers and placed in about 5 to 6 feet of water which leads to what locals know as ‘ski ally,’ but is a part of Lemon Bay.  From there they will motor a short distance south to the Stump Pass inlet and into the Gulf of Mexico where the race teams will do their testing runs on Saturday and race on Sunday.

The race course begins around Weston’s WannaB Inn and heads north past the Englewood Beach complex. If you click on the third picture above it will enlarge giving you a better view of the race course.

From my perch, as some would say, at the Down Under Bar at the Gulf View Grill, I observed more boats arrive, along with additional Porta Potty’s,  five of our finest Charlotte County Sheriffs on bikes, two on Segways, the shuttle buses from parking locations were arriving this AM, Charlottte Fire, EMS and police were on the scene.

Traffic was continuing to flow slowly, but the true test will be Saturday and Sunday when the shuttle buses are engaged to bring people onto the island from 11 off-key parking locations.

The only change noted on the restaurant scene is that Lock & Key Pub and Flounders have gone to free valet parking.

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  1. Charlie says:

    Jan S. makes a good point in bringing out the cost (and added stress) to condo associations for this event. If the planners could hold this event in off season, when condos are begging for renters, it might make more sense. Holding this during peak season doesn’t even help restaurants on the beach, which are already finding it difficult to fill reservations. Personally, I’m staying home enjoying the blogs and hoping that this all goes smoothly — and then goes away leaving us to enjoy what’s left of the relatively unspoiled community and beach that is Englewood.\

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