Bill’s Meeting With Loretta — Suspect


Bill and Hillary eating

New York (Storch Report) — It was a week ago that Hillary and Bill had one of their infrequent campaign strategy breakfasts, primarily because when she asked for help from the former president he more often than not delivered hurt.

The blonde neighbor up the street, known to the secret service as ‘energizer,’ was not invited.

Vegan Bill had fruit, while Hill had her usual eggs Benedict so she can continue to fit into her designer pants suits.

Hill: Did you meet with the lawyers?

Bill: I did, and they thought you had a good idea.  They said if nothing else a meeting with Attorney General Lynch would provide bad optics – like the fix is in — furthermore it could delay a recommendation by the FBI for criminal indictment carrying the issue to the post election time period.  This would give our lawyers time to see if they can work up a defense based upon you not being able to get a fair trial in any part of the world because of the widespread publicity over your private emails, the server and Benghazi while Secretary of State.

Hill: Let’s not forget the server is yours, Bill, and as a result you are a co-conspirator.  Do you think we should proceed with the plan?

Bill: Absolutely, my Intel tells me that Loretta will be flying into Phoenix next Monday on her way to a speaking engagement in Aspen. I could fly into Phoenix next Sunday use a golf game as an excuse and arrange to meet her in a private hanger after her plane arrives.  We leak the clandestine meeting to the press and I board Lynch’s plane for a meeting. The FBI does what it usually does and tells the media there will be no photos or the use of cell phones. When we are found out, I take off and Lynch tells the press it was nothing more than a social meeting and we were just catching up on family, grand kids, travel and golf.

Hill: I like it, it sounds like who we are, Bonnie and Clyde.

The leak works the press buys into it and the story gathers legs. The meeting took place on Monday, but wasn’t disclosed until Wednesday with credit given to a local ABC reporter, who is still looking for the course where Bill played a round of golf.

It is now Friday, dumping day for negative news before the fourth of July weekend and Lynch holds a controlled press interview with a liberal Washington Post reporter in Aspen.

Lynch says that she wouldn’t do what she did again (meeting with Bill) and that she would probably look for the lock on the plane door; it drew laughs from the progressive audience.

But she gives herself wiggle room in her final answer and recommendation that comes from the FBI to indict or not.  Some think she is recusing herself from having any kind of role in the final determination of the case from the FBI. But that is not the case.

Her answer: “Recusal would mean I wouldn’t even be briefed on what the findings were or what the actions going forward would be.  And while I don’t have a role in those coming up with those findings or making those recommendations as to how to go forward, I will be briefed on it and I will be accepting their recommendations.”

Hillary and Bill were having a debriefing breakfast on the Saturday of the fourth of July weekend of the weeks events. The ‘energizer’ was again not invited and the menu was the same.

Hill: How do you think it went?

Bill: I think it went according to plan.

Hill: How come you didn’t play golf?

Bill: Jesus Christ Hillary it was 108 degrees and I have a heart condition.

Hill: Look Bill, if you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen!



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