Bill Tells Hillary It’s Time To Be A Hawk


Trump Flap with Eagle

New York (Storch Report) — It was another breakfast in Chappaqua between Hill and Bill as we have reported on before.

There have only been a few breakfasts between the two for they don’t often live in the same house as the Secret Service has attested to.

There is a neighbor down the street that Bill more often cohabitates with.

“Hill I think you need to distance yourself from the O on the terrorist front.”

“Bill, don’t start giving me that BS again about the Donald . . . you made that deal and it’s backfiring . . . there are all kinds of signs he is taking himself seriously, look at the polls.”

They both promised themselves they would take it easy on the eggs Benedict and only have one each.

“Look, your comment this week about planting seeds of love and kindness to fight ISIS made you look like that wimp O in the White House 

“It is time for you to start talking like a hawk, not a dove distancing yourself from that guy you don’t care for, who wants to use climate warming as a missile.  And, as for the Donald, he will keep his part of the deal to work with us and serve as a divisive force within the GOP and more importantly to protect his empire . . .  he has an incentive.  As long as you keep your end of the deal and keep the flow of foreign and domestic cash flowing into his coffers when you become President, as you did for the Clinton Foundation, the deal will become consummated.”

“Bill you must be traveling to cannabis-free states more often than I think without inhaling. Donald sees an opportunity to take the White House from us and he is getting more media coverage than the entire field from both parties.  If he wins the White House he can do what he wants for his empire with that kind of power.”

“Look Hill, the GOP is already talking of a brokered convention, there is contention between the Donald and Carson and the RNC, both are talking about breaking away from the Republican Party, all of which indicates he is living up to the art of the deal.”

With that Hill got up for another serving of eggs Benedict . . . Bill stormed out the back door to have an egg McMuffin with his neighbor.

Updated: 9:15 PM 12/11/15


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