Bill Clinton’s Disingenuous Love Story


Bill Clinton speech at DNC

Philadelphia (Storch Report) — Most of America’s hypocrites gathered in Philadelphia this week, and listened last night to a disingenuous love story told by former President Bill Clinton about his relationship with his wife Hillary Rodham Clinton.

An honest memoir it was not, a bias one it was.  Did we forget that Bill was impeached for perjury?  Did we forget that he was a notorious philanderer with numerous escapades with more women that even the paparazzi could count.

Did we forget about: Lewinsky, Benghazi, Asia fundraising in Lincoln bedroom, Hillary’s private emails, Whitewater, Travelgate, Humagate, Pardongate, Foundation favors, Mysterious files, Rose law firm, Filegate, Hubble trouble, Waco tragedy, Clinton’s Swedish slush fund, Trooper-gate, Gennifer Flowers, Bill’s golden tongue, Boeing Bucks, Larry Lawrence, Cattle futures and Chinagate?

Nevertheless he told a love story that only he could tell, with gross errors of omission.

Clinton can still tell a story, but he’s no Will Rodgers.

His omissions were strikingly apparent to the knowledgeable, but apparently acceptable to the gullible.

He stood there in his new slim vegan body, voice of a septuagenarian, with some thinking he was still delivering a fast ball of rhetoric — while I thought it looked more like a change up with a deceptive delivery.

He tried to humanize his wife while in fact she holds an unfavorably rating of 58 % among the public.

Her scandals followed her right into the DNC this week with a dump of emails suggesting rigging of the Dem campaign of Clinton v Sanders resulting in the firing of DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who Hillary hired within 24 hours as Honorary Chair of her presidential campaign. 

Loving hubby described his wife Hillary as the greatest ‘change agent’ who could push a rock up a hill.

It was hard for me to envision the Pillsbury Dough Boy doing this in a pants suit, or for that matter, buying into the love story that Bill was spinning.







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  1. gml says:

    I suppose. But perhaps it is not so much how the story starts or even how it evolves, but more how it ends. The genuine look that Hillary had on her face when Bill joined her on stage after her acceptance speech was real. I believe that should not be stolen from her any more than anyone had the right to disparage Laura and George Bush.

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