Bill Clinton’s Chance Meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch


Clinton & Lynch

Phoenix Az (Storch Report) — It was just happenstance that former President Clinton was strolling on the tarmac of the Phoenix Airport in 108 degrees after playing a round of golf with a heart condition, and ran into Attorney General Lynch and was invited into her private plane for a 30 minute ‘social’ chat.

The real story by reporters on the ground in Phoenix was that Clinton’s plane was waiting for Lynch’s plane to land and the two planes pulled into a private hanger for the elite and Clinton got off his plane and bordered Lynch’s plane for the ‘social’ meeting.

The meeting of obvious impropriety, took place on Monday, disclosed Wednesday by the local ABC affiliate, between two lawyers, one a past president the other a former judge and now attorney general, overseeing an FBI investigation of possible criminal acts by Clinton’s wife, Hillary, a presidential candidate, for the illegal use of private emails and a server while Secretary of State. Although Lynch played down the optics of the clandestine meeting, local reporters that were on the scene were told by the FBI that there would be no pictures, or the use of cell phones.

The server was that of Bill Clinton’s thus making him a possible co-conspirator should the FBI recommend indictment of his wife.

Lynch subsequently told the press that the meeting was ‘primarily’ social with no discussion of the Justice Departments pending cases.

“We talked about his playing golf in Phoenix, his grandchildren and travel,” Lynch told the media.

However, local reporters said they could find no evidence that Clinton played golf on this trip.

The story, its explanation by Lynch and its happenstance is implausible.

It lacks transparency, by Lynch and the Obama administration for whom she works and represents the style of the Clinton’s, although neither offered any commentary on the clandestine meeting.

It does, however, signal that the administration fix is in, with Obama’s endorsement of Hillary, the meeting with Attorney General Lynch and today the revelation by the State Department requesting a two year plus delay in releasing Clinton aides’ emails, which means they wouldn’t be available until long after post-election.

This is the form of behavior Americans have come to expect from the establishment and politicians who believe they are above the law, a classic trait of the Clinton’s during both of their political careers.

Lynch should recuse herself from the case and an impartial special prosecutor should be named and rule on the FBI’s recommendation.



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