Bill Clinton The First . . . First Man

clintons_billandhillary_06Washington DC (Storch Report) — Yes, we have moved forward to 2016 and the news is, Bill Clinton the former President of the United States, has become the first, first man of the United States.

There have been many first ladies, but never a first man, who was formerly a president for eight years, who is the husband of a wife who was elected the first woman President of the United States.

But somehow Bill has taken the limelight away from Hill with his shock of white hair, still the lady charmer, with the Brylcreem slickness of yesterday.

It’s a first of two firsts that is stunning the world.  The global media seems to be stumbling over its own words trying to explain what has taken place.

Monica Lewinsky has just reapplied for a reinstatement of her internship, there is work for her again in the White House, although Hillary has declared the Oval Office out of bounds for the First Man unless invited for official State business.

Well, there’s always the Rose Garden where sources tell us Bill is planning a Vegan Garden, perhaps Monica can do some internship plantings with him.

Meanwhile there seems to be some protocol issues evolving, because there are so many firsts.  You see because Bill was a former President, the first woman President must recognize the seniority of the past as having been president while also recognizing that her husband, the cad that he is, is the First Man as well.

No one in the Hillary campaign thought this through before she launched her no talking campaign in that Van called, Scooby Doo.

Nevertheless, there they are as a ‘whatever’ as the modern day vernacular goes today, the Bonnie & Clyde duo back again shilling their way around the beltway with more shell games.

There must be some saving grace in all of this, after all they are both from Arkansas.

My inside sources say that Hill is going to keep the First Man busy traveling on Air Force Two between Hollywood and New York planning parties and refitting him in a Versace couture line of clothes while visiting Anna Wintour of Conde Nast between fittings to keep them socially connected.

If we fast forward this scene of unbelievable possible realities, I suppose we could see the two Firsts leaving the White House again and off on a circuit of public speaking tours packaging themselves as a duo of Firsts delivering a 45 minute diatribe of pap for Million dollar fees, and that would be a bargain based upon their current fees. They will never be able to say they left the White House the second time around ‘broke.’

When it’s all over, Bill will be interned in his Presidential Library as a First, Hill will be interned in her Presidential Library as a First and Chelsea will be a multi-billionaire.

And, if it all plays out this way it will be a boon for satirists. 

God Bless America.












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2 Responses to Bill Clinton The First . . . First Man

  1. Llamamia says:

    Very funny, but let’s pray this doesn’t happen!!

  2. norman says:

    really silly,
    but if you want a legitimate boon for satirists just look at the roster of republican candidates.

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