Bill Clinton Has Meeting Of Conscious With God



Chappaqua New York (Storch Report) — Bill: “Thanks God for meeting with me.”

God: “I’m here to help.”

Bill: “Well I’m here to get some direction.  You see, I’m having some difficulty in bringing myself around to voting for Hillary next Tuesday, I just don’t think she’s qualified for the job.”

God: “Really Bill.  I always thought you thought she was more than qualified?

Bill: “Well, in some ways she is, I mean, she really is a super star when it comes to being a politician, as you have seen from the notoriety she has gained with her private email server, but she leaves something to be desired when it comes to diplomacy.”

God: “How could that be with all the miles she traveled while Secretary of State?”

Bill: Oh, don’t be fooled by that.  It was one of her quid pro quo deals that she introduced at State so she could get bonuses for all the mileage she gained while traveling.  It helped us to get out of poverty after we left the White House, but it didn’t do much for the county.”

God: “That’s rather disingenuous wouldn’t you say.”

Bill: “Yes, it is, but it was the only thing we had in common when we met in college,” he said with a grin.

God: “Perhaps you should ask her to come and see me for absolution.”

Bill: “I don’t know, God if you would have enough time . . . she would just continue doing it again and again . . . it’s an additive thing.”

“You know I still haven’t forgiven her for the black eye she gave me in the Oval Office after she threw that rare Ming Dynasty vase at me we were planning to take home when we left the White House!”

God: “Perhaps, we could use that coupon exchange program I used with you when you sought absolution for all of your dalliances.  Only we would limit the number of coupon’s we would issue to her.  When she ran out there would be no more absolutions.”

Bill: “I don’t think that would work God, she would just counterfeit them and have all she needed.”

God: “You didn’t do that with me, did you?”

Bill: “I wouldn’t think of it.”

God: “Well Bill, our time is up . . .  let me know next week how you resolved your dilemma.” 

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