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New York (Storch Report) — You might wonder what behaving presidential sounds like and furthermore what it looks like.

There’s a lot of presidential talk going on these days since Donald Trump has been running for president.

He even promised in the past few days that he was going to become more presidential, but a few hours after he declared this he called his GOP opponent ‘lying Ted Cruz’ and his potential Dem opponent ‘crooked Hillary.’

You can take the kid out of New York but you can’t take New York out of the kid.

And, I suppose you can transplant a woman from Arkansas to New York but you can’t make her anything but a carpet bagger, hardly a New Yorker.

Well,where does this leave us on making someone look presidential?

The image I might paint for one to consider under today’s criteria for looking and behaving politically presidential might be two candidates sucking on a silver spoon, having attending an Ivy League school and selecting their couturier from a house of clothiers the likes of Brooks Brothers.

Well, so far the contest looks like a draw.  Hillary went to Harvard, Donald went to the U of Pennsylvania, both Ivy League schools and both were, and are rich and fit the looks described although with more modern day couturiers.

However, this is where they part paths.

Hillary has been deemed by a nation to be untrustworthy and a ‘crook,’ which the Donald picked up on short of being criminal so far while the Donald has been declared non-presidential.

After 8 years of Obama, the most polarizing President of our times, largely due to his divisiveness, condensation and arrogance we are going through the most difficult and dangerous period of our times both domestically and internationally.  All of which Hillary supports and supported as his Secretary of State through the decisions she concurred with in Libya and Benghazi.

Obama has been slick, knows how to handle a teleprompter, — often fails without one — delivers policies he can’t uphold, delivers lies, much like Hillary, and has spent 8 years apologizing for America’s successes.  He seems to be more representative of the Middle East, than the US.

Trump has hired a speech writer, said he was going to begin using a teleprompter which would, along with the speech writer, allow him to deliver more messages of substance than he has in the past.

This would certainly allow him to continue to inject his own adlibs within the canned speech to maintain his persona.

To change the Donald’s personality would be impossible.  He must be who he is.

You can’t make someone into something they are not.

People like his straight talk, let it flow, with a bit of Ivy League presidentialism.



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4 Responses to Behaving Presidential

  1. norman says:

    Hillary’s family background and upbringing was anything but silver spoon status. How politicians capitalize on their positions of power and prestige is a worthwhile discussion but a separate one.
    People not only consider Trump non-presidential but they also overwhelmingly consider him to be non-electable.
    A significant part of Trump’s popularity is that he puts on a good show; he’s a polished TV personality; he throws his throngs the red meat that they crave. He’s clever enough to understand our present cultural values.
    There have been 32 congressional hearings on Benghazi there were 2 on the 9/11 attack.
    If you want to talk honestly about polarizing and divisive why ignore Bush/Cheney. I can criticize some of Obama’s foreign policy decisions but he’s hardly the most polarizing.
    You’re beginning to sound as if Trump is your candidate. The republicans have a legitimate candidate in Kasich, but he may be too electable in a general election. Go figure.

  2. Don Storch says:

    Yes, I remember now Hillary and Bill left the WH broke and in debt, yet bought a $2.8 million house in DC.

    And, if there wasn’t some silver in the Rodham’s spoon how did she get a college education at Wellesley and then a law degree from Yale?

    I hope you don’t believe all of what you hear or read from any of these candidates, especially Hillary, properly labeled the ‘crook’ by the Donald.

    I’m not enamored with any of the candidates left in the running, they are all the evils, none of which are the lesser of.

  3. norman says:

    Clinton’s father was a small business man who manufactured drapes. He was successful enough to provide Hillary with a solid middles class upbringing. Like many middle class families who value education, they manage to provide.
    Not at all comparable to the Trumps privileged upbringing.

  4. Don Storch says:

    I’m aware of Hillary’s background. Perhaps it’s a matter of perspective and I see it as a privilege which she seems to be talking a lot about these days.

    Trump says his father loaned him a million and he did the rest, but I’m not going to defend him and his alleged billions.

    However, the Clintons and the Trumps appear to be doing well these days as part of the 1% of the Wall Street elite from which Hillary takes $260,000 for a speech.

    If I was going to have compassion for one of the candidates it would be Saunders, who doesn’t make what Hillary takes for a speech in a year, but it is hard for me to commiserate with a socialist.

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