Be Careful Of What You Believe


Four Pinocchio'sWashington DC (Storch Report) –When a government body or a publication begins an investigation with a preconceived premise of the conclusion, it’s doomed to the failure of belief.

Whether the messenger be from a college campus, government, the Congress or the media, few seem to allow the facts to get in the way of the premise from which they began.

Objectivity should not be a goal that anyone should strive for, because it doesn’t exist.  Fairness and balance is too fading into the abyss and as a result we are only left with bias.

We see this in our halls of higher learning, Congress, government institutions, the media and the White House.  The operative word today is politics.

Few want to discuss politics today because it is too divisive, another word driven with intent through the heart of a democracy, forcing society to the likes of Facebook where people gather ‘likes’ — and the one with the most wins.

A participatory democracy is only for those that are willing to play the game for their own goals under the guise of looking out for the middle class while amassing their own personal fortune.

We don’t have to reach too far into the past to see recent examples of this thesis. 

Racism appears to be an operative word today, injected whenever possible, into white cops killing blacks e.g., Ferguson Mo., and New York; then there was the announcement of a brain washing course called White Privilege on the campus of Notre Dame; then the Democrats issued a bias report indicting the Bush administration of torturing terrorists (Enhanced Interrogation Techniques); and Rolling Stone Magazine alleging that rape by frats on the campus of the University of Virginia was rampant.

The thread through these incidents was a premise at the outset before examining the facts based on allegations and reports that white cops kill blacks over racism, in both examples cited a Grand Jury failed to indict; that whites are more privileged than blacks, a false premise; that President George W. Bush was guilty of torture, this was found to be untrue by the Justice Department; and that rape was rampant at UVA, which was blatantly false and so admitted by the magazine.

Compounding these falsehoods was a liberal mainstream media that reported these incidents as factual.

More often than not, those with an agenda do not want the facts to get in the way of their end game because at the outset they begin with a premise to prove and will do so with convenient omissions.

Be careful of what you believe.

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