Baseball The Nation’s Lifeline

Washington DC (Storch Report) -It was Baseball today that could very well transform the nation’s pastime to the nation’s lifeline.

It was the Republican boys of Congress that were preparing for the big game tomorrow night against the Democrats in Alexandra Va. in the early morning of today about 6 AM and on another field in another place in the DC environs the Democrats were preparing for the same game.

The game was a 100 year-old tradition and played at RFK stadium in DC for charity.  It would raise more than a half a million each year.

The GOP and the Dems took this game seriously and practiced ferociously if not without intent.

A few Republicans who had to get back to the House early were leaving the field, a passerby stopped them and asked if those who were practicing on the field were Republicans or Democrats?  They responded Republicans.

About 7:04 AM a hail of shots rang out on the field where the Republicans were practicing, House Majority Whip Congressman Steve Scalise (La-R) playing second base goes down, hit in the hip and tries to crawl onto the outfield bleeding.

Some 50-60 shots from a long gun ring out, the killer from Illinois holding the gun, hates Trump and is trying to kill Republicans.

The rhetoric of hate once again rings out and now takes its toll in attempted death and violence on a baseball field.

Five are seriously injured, the killer is dead.

At the end of the day the two coaches get together, emotionally hugging each other, there were heroes among the Republican teammates.

The Manager from the Republican Team was Rep Joe Burton (Te-R), who had a young son on the ball field with him at the time and the Manager of the Democratic Team Rep Mike Doyle (Pa-D) who was not at the field of bullets.

But it was Mike who said, “When the leadership of this country can be more civil to each other perhaps the public will too.”








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