Barbarians Are Inside The Global Gates Of Humanity

Barbarians Inside The Gates

The Barbarians are no longer at the gates, they are inside.

They are inside the gates because there has been a lack of leadership in the United States for the past eight years.

The world has become accustomed to leaning on America since before WW II and if you have been depending upon this form of leadership for your lifeline, abrupt withdrawal is not and option.

But that’s what happened when Barack Hussein Obama, the first black person, was elected President of the United States.

Despite coming into office on an anti-war platform, he now has as part of his legacy being the first American president to serve two terms in office as a war president for both and will hand-off these wars to the incoming president next year.

He came into office during the Iraq war, virtually won that war with an advised surge, escalated it into the Afghanistan war, but pulled out of Iraq too soon, a move that was directly attributed to the formation of ISIS, who declared war against the United States, but Obama didn’t declare war in return.  In the meantime he made a deal with the Devil, Iran, a known supporter of terrorism in the Middle East in order to delay its production of nuclear weapons, with little assurance this won’t happen within the timeline agreed to.

Shortly after being elected, he made an apology tour throughout Europe, I guess for America’s exceptionalism, which he intended to tone down to make the United States more like the rest of the world.  The operative word was Redistribution.  Redistribution of wealth, military power, jobs, economy and anything else that would level the global playing field.

Back home he created an environment of divisiveness among Congress, operated by executive order, and blurred the lines of distinction between the three branches of government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial.  Obama has failed to live up to the oath of office he took upon inauguration, least of all to keep the primary one — to keep Americans safe.

Among the people he highlighted discrimination within the United States with uninformed rhetoric driving a wedge of racism between the black community and law and order, that today is resulting in protests, cop killings throughout the United States and a revival of the New Black Panthers and a newly formed group called Black Lives Matter, both of which Obama is supportive, in fact one group was recently invited to a conference at the White House.  I trust our Intel community is cross referencing and conducting surveillance activities with these groups and ISIS. 

This, combined with ISIS declared terrorism, we are witnessing nearly one catastrophic event a week globally, the last two being 84 dead 200 injured including Americans, in Nice France on Bastille Day when an ISIS truck ran them down; and another today when an ISIS terrorist wielding an ax hacked up several passengers on a German train.

With the ongoing wars in the Middle East the flow of immigrants is growing exponentially throughout the world and Obama is welcoming them with open arms here with no assurance Barbarians are not among them.

Illegal immigrants already in the United States are granted amnesty by the president, our borders are open and not even porous and Obama fails to uphold the immigration laws that exist.

Obama has no strategy to deal with the war on terrorism, fails to recognize it as a war, refuses to identify it as the act of radical Islamic terrorism or even Islamic extremism. Instead he turns terrorist acts into a cause to place further restrictions on guns in the United States eroding the intent of the 2nd amendment.

And to top all of this, President Obama said this week that terrorism would be resolved by globalization and diplomacy. Diplomacy with Barbarians?  Once again error of omission.

Yes, the Barbarians are inside the gates do to a lack of leadership.

America is in dire need of new leadership and its not the presumptive Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, the crooked, lying clone of President Obama.





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