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Leakiers v Whistleblowers

Washington DC (Storch Report) – As we all know now, if we didn’t before, Washington DC is the home of loose lips.

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Fake News Corrections Dumped By AP, New York Times Eve Of July 4th Weekend On Russian Involvement In US Elections

Washington DC (Storch Report) – On the eve of the July 4th weekend the Associated Press and the New York Times dumped retractions of fake news both sources have been reporting for months about Russian involvement  in the US elections.

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Baseball The Nation’s Lifeline

Washington DC (Storch Report) -It was Baseball today that could very well transform the nation’s pastime to the nation’s lifeline.

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Washington DC (Storch Report) – Life is not fair, our parents most likely told this to us at an early age, yet the United States is the fairest country in the world in which to live.

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Taking The War On Terror To The Enemy

London (Storch Report) – The West must coalesce, go on the offensive, as in an act of war, and take Jihad to the enemy identified as extreme Islamic terrorists.         ‘Enough is Enough?’

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Political Correctness Policies Kill

Manchester UK (Storch Report) – War does not allow for political correctness; either the world is at war with ISIS or it is not! It needs to make up its mind.

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Hatred By Democrats Has Taken America To A Place Where Liberal Journalism Is A Blood Sport

Washington DC (Storch Report) – Today there appears to be four branches of government, unlike the three we were taught in school.

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Destroyed Sneakers For $1,425 From Nieman Marcus Join $425 Dirty Jeans From Nordstrom’s

  New York (Storch Report) — The top half of the unisex anatomy is yet to be totally covered to look like a liberal seeking to be, at a premium price, something they are not.

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Effective today is a secure designated website..  

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I Wore Those Jeans, But They Were For Real

Short Hills NJ (Storch Report) – The world is Mashugana, a word I picked up where I grew up.

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