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Progressive Liberal Mania & Left Wing Media Psychosis Belies The Truth

New York (Storch Report) – Screaming at the sky protesting Trump’s presidency a year after his election appears to me to be bizarre behavior by liberal Americans.

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Elder Statesman Of Bush Clan Shows Mettle

New York (Storch Report) – Republican elitism rears its ugly head among the Bush clan from George H. W. to George W. 

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The Jewel Of Charlotte County, Manasota Key Beaches, Pay More For Sand, Or Do Nothing

Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) – If Manasota Key is the ‘jewel of the county’ as it has been described and a major economic asset to the county as it is projected in the county’s own master plan, then they … Continue reading

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‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ “Book Packs A Punch With A Passionate Point Of View,” Says Gasparilla Magazine

  Boca Grande (Storch Report) – The Gasparilla Magazine calls Don Storch’s book ‘Snakes in the Swamp,’ “a book with punch” . . . that, “uses both emotion and facts to make vivid points about President Trump.” 

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Casting Couch Older Than Silent Movies, Reaches Far Beyond Hollywood

Hollywood CA (Storch Report) The Casting Couch and its symbolism of sex, power and money is as old, if not older, than silent movies.

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Most US Leaders Don’t Care About People – Trump Does

  America First Protect Borders More Jobs Pro-Economy Lower Taxes Better Health Care Military Might and Police Support

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In Defense Of The Second Amendment And The Core Reason For It

  Washington DC (Storch Report) -When reviewing the debate over gun control in the United States I see little discussion over the core value of the second amendment which is the right to rebel against an unjust government.

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There No Longer Is Common Sense In This Created Racist Culture

  Common sense presupposes that there is something that society has in common.

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Loving To Hate In America

  Manasota Key Fl (Storch Report) – Loving to hate is the new political correctness, or, if you will incorrectness, that is taking hold in America and it has its roots in left-wing progressive liberal elitism.

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I’m A Deplorable That Voted For Trump And Proud Of It

Washington DC (Storch Report) -I voted for change to rid this country of the political leadership of progressive, liberal, Republican, Democratic and Social elitism.

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