At Least 50 Dead 53 Injured At Nightclub Massacre, Labeled Terrorism, In Orlando Fl; Worst Mass Shooting Ever In The United States

Florida Massacre

Orlando Fl. (Storch Report) — At least 50 are dead and 53 injured, according to police, when gunfire broke out at a LGBT nightclub here called the Pulse. The shootout was called an act of ‘terrorism’ by police.

The gunman, carried an assault type rifle and a handgun.  The shooter is dead, shot by members of a police swat team.

Police learned of the shooting from a police officer who was on the scene and became involved in a shootout with the gunman.

The gunman, who was not identified, took hostages and it was then that the swat team made an explosive entry shooting the gunman.

There were approximately 320 people in the club at the time the shooting broke out.  Police rescued the 30 hostages. One police officer was injured.

The Orlando shootings by a suspected Islamic terrorist was the largest attack since 9/11 and the largest mass shooting ever in the United States.

The gunman of the nightclub slaughter has now been identified as Omar Mateen,29, originally of Afghanistan, lately of Port St. Lucie Fl, had ties to radical Islamic ideology.

Two of the largest and influential newspapers in the United States, the New York Times and the Washington Post did not report what authorities including the FBI revealed, suspecting that the motivation for this attack was Islamic terrorism.

Under the guise of political correctness there are a large number of politicians, including the Obama administration, who refuse to acknowledge what it is and even refuse to call it radical Islamic terrorism. 

It really doesn’t matter if it is domestic radical Islamic terrorism, at least 20 are dead and another 42 injured.  It is now spreading and the Paris-like attack has reached our shores as Isis promised.  Developing . . .   

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