AmericanFlag-AnimatedWashington DC (Storch Report) — There is a reason American’s should be ashamed for President Barack Hussein Obama’s lack of leadership and for not properly representing the United States of America as an advocate.

Our president was elected, then reelected and reaffirmed for a second term, but during the process, failed to uphold the oath of office and the Constitution of the United States.

Americans are responsible for his presence and we too should be held responsible for his actions based upon our poor judgment of character, morality and truthfulness. 

Perhaps some of this could be laid at the inability of the mainstream liberal media who failed to live up to its journalistic responsibilities to properly vet this young, inexperienced candidate running for president and to do so in behalf of the American public as its responsibility has been so defined under the first amendment of the Constitution.

It is called freedom of the press that is being threatened, or thwarted by a government that want’s to stifle it.

Obama was a mistake.  Lessons should be learned from mistakes.  Nations have been fooled before by dictators and fascists and they have survived, but serious setbacks take place and it’s the people who suffer the aftermath.

As we have witnessed during the Obama administration, the state of our nation, or for that matter the world and its leader is not getting better under a passive-progressive administration that leads from behind.  Kind of sounds like a book that I wrote.

The setback under the Obama administration signals a reason to reset our values, principles and to once again rely on the Constitution that our forefathers be-quested upon us and thus made us the exceptional nation we were BO, (Before Obama).

On 9/11 we were attacked by radical Islamic terrorists killing some 3,000 Americans, more than were killed in the attack by the Japanese at Pearl Harbor, an event that thrust us into World War II.

Following 9/11 President George W. Bush attacked Iraq, won a war, and as we have now witnessed, Obama lost the same war by his own policies, to radical Islamic terrorists that the president refuses to identify as our enemy while it threatens, once again, terror on our own land.

These are the same terrorists that are launching a religious war against Christians and Jews globally, beheading them, raping their own while our president refuses to address the obvious, but suggests we enter into a program of social reform with jobs to convert the enemy into normalcy, a Marxist Community Organizer that heretofore surrounded himself with the likes of dubious characters, some of which were felons.

Today our president is engaging in negotiations with Iran to disband its nuclear program while it was revealed they are moving ahead with their program underground.

Today the president vetoed the Keystone oil pipeline project that would have provided 25,000 jobs, and would have insured our energy needs and oil dominance in the world.  A new era of a negative veto legacy of the waning years of the Obama administration.

Sen. John McCain, a patriot, hero, warrior, and civil servant said he was also ashamed and included himself in the equation and former Mayor of New York, Rudy Giuliani, said he didn’t believe Obama loves America.  I don’t believe he does either, on the basis of his policies, comments or behavior.

But American citizens who vote should not take solace in any of these rationalizations, for it is you as individuals who by your naivety, blind followings of the masses, believing what you read from the liberal mainstream media, not exercising your own due diligence of research of the facts, and buying into the slick rhetoric of a politician, who are responsible. 

This period of time, whether you like to hear it or not, is Nazi Germany re-visited. 

Think about this when you next go to the polls to vote for who should represent America, an exceptional nation.









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